Feet up :)

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A busy weekend – off to a grandson’s hockey game yesterday, and babysitting our very busy and equally delightful 3-year-old grand-daughter this afternoon and evening.  A nice weekend and pleasant respite. 

Tomorrow I will pick up where I left on on Friday.  Right now I’m going to put my feet up 🙂

Someone posed the idea to me of a blog thread which would allow people to exchange thoughts which are not related to a particular priest or article.  I think it sounds like a good idea, but how to make it happen?  I have an idea which I will think over this evening and take a look at implementing tomorrow.  It would give people a venue without having to wade through articles looking for an old thread, and without waiting for a relevant article to have their say. It is worth a try.  It woud allow for more general discussion for those who are intersted.   If it causes problems or confusion I can always close down the comments.

Enoug for now,


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