Two court dates

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Two court dates today:

(1) Father William Allen: “to take a plea.”9 am, Courtroom #7, Ottawa courthouse 

According to WikiAnswers:

It means that the defendant agreed to plead guilty in exchange for something, either for a conviction of an offense to a lesser offense with less jail time, or they were offered the opportunity to plead to a lesser offense in exchange for giving up information to law enforcement or agreeing to assist law enforcement in some way.

I know that WikiAnswers is no expert but it gives us an idea of what might be happening in court #7 this morning

(2) Father Eric Dejaeger omi:  afternoon bail hearing, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit courthouse, Nunavut

Hopefully the bail hearing will proceed as scheduled today. And hopefully the ten people referenced in the news who travelled from Igloolik for the previously scheduled bail hearing were in a position to stay in Iqaluit until today. 

Keep all the victims and “alleged” victims in your prayers.  As always, please keep an eye and an ear open for news of the outcomes of both of the above and either post a link, comment or send me an email ( with the news.

Enough for now,


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