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I was a little under the weather this weekend – feeling really quite miserable so lagging in all I had hoped to accomplish both at home and on the site 🙁

So, here is where I am at.  I got side-tracked with news of the big settlement with  the London Diocese:

05 February 2011:  Diocese of London pays sex abuse victims 

As a consequence of the above I have added Father Lawrence Paquette  to the list of Accused and put what info I could on Paquette on a new page. Paquette’s name is new to me.  Any info on him would be appreciated.

I also added some information to the Father Barry Glendinning page.  That is only a smidgen of what I have on hand but for now will give a little more info on Glendinning.  I have yet to look through the directories to fill in dates and places but will do so.

I also added a series of articles I wrote on Glendinning back in 1999. 

1999:  “The Painted Preying Liturgist”

The information in the above provides some details of the abuse Glendinning inflicted on a few of his young victims, as well as a brief account of his recycling off to Edmonton where he molested again, and then his recycling into the Archdiocese of Toronto where Emmett Cardinal Carter himself, the Archbishop of Toronto, came to Glendinning’s defense  when parishioners found out they had a molester as a priest.

By the way, I just checked and don’t see Glendinning’s name in the 2010 Church directory.  Is he still around somewhere?  Can anyone help me on this?

Enough for now,


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  1. Michel B. says:

    Hope your feeling better Sylvia, remember to work a little, eat a little, play a little, rest a little and pray a lot.

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