Bushed and disgusted

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I have the Father Ronald Bromley newspaper clippings posted.  I am bushed and disgusted.  Is it just me?  It’s all so terribly and heartbreakingly familiar.

Anyway, I will let you read through the list. 

20 March 2002:  Bromley traded cigarettes for sex: witness (Trial 2)

15 March 2002:  Complainant testifies priest abused him (Trial 2)

13 March 2002:  Witness faces accused (Trial 2)

1998:  Witness says priest had sex with him on camping trip (Trial 1)

25 June 1998: Witness says priest tried to have sex with him (Trial 1)

18 June 1998:  May have only dreamed assaults, witness now says (Trial 1)

12 August 1998: Priest to sentenced today for sexually abusing boys (Trial 1)

24 June 1998: Witnesses wanted to keep sex abuse hush hush (Trial 1)

09 April 1998: Priest faces more charges 

20 October 1997 (The Advertizer):  RCMP lays more charges against priest (The Advertizer)

 I don’t know what the grounds for appeal of the first trial and conviction were.  Can anyone help on that? 

Any observations or comments?


While I was digging out the clippings I came across this one that had been filed away years ago.  This one is related to the sexual abuse of boys at the Shelburne Nova Scotia reform school for boys.  Paul Aucoin, a former teacher at the school turned Social Worker, admitted he molested three boys, and, three months later when his admission became public, committed suicide.  The clipping relates to his background and funeral Mass at Holy Cross in Ottawa. 

24 January 1998:   ‘He was looking for forgiveness‘ 

Does anyone know if Father Ross Finlan said the funeral Mass?  He was the pastor at the time.  I don’t see his name in the write-up, but I am wondering if perhaps it was him?

Enough for now,


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8 Responses to Bushed and disgusted

  1. Kevin Breen says:

    Sylvia, I read your column on a regular basis.Your piece on Fr. Ron Bromley disturbs me. Fr Bromley was aquitted on all charges against him by the court of appeal in N.L. The rule of law is one of our most sacred privileges, many countries cry out for it.It was common knowledge at the time of Fr. Bromley’s arrest that financial compensation was a driving motivating factor in having charges laid against priests. Your colomn has a self righteous tone which is the anthesis of the christian life, in fact didn’t He say. “self righteous ness

    ness is mine” ? This man was killed tragically, charged and found to be innocent, can’t you let him rest in peace. Who gives you the right to judge?

    • Sylvia says:

      You say it was common knowledge at the time that financial compensation was “a driving motivating factor”

      Where did you get that? Who told you that?

  2. Lina says:


    I want to thank you for all you do. This website is a blessing to many people.
    You are a brave awesome lady.

    There are positive stuff & negative stuff…that goes with the territory.

    Keep up the courageous good work.


  3. Michael says:

    The statement above by Kevin Breen is the opinion and belief of all catholics, but certainlly not of the “SO CALLED CATHOLICS!” That is why the catholics simply ignores all these stories, including the true ones! Our justice system is the best in the world!

  4. John Mac Donald says:

    Mr. Breen………..Sylvia simply put out the facts of the case as reported in various newspapers clippings. Her only comment was that she found it to be “terribly and heartbreakingly familiar”. If as you say, that you read this site on a “regular basis”; then how can you not find this scenario terribly and heartbreakingly familiar? Is there something you know that would change the story as reported?


  5. prima facie says:

    RANT OF THE MONTH: The following “post”may be offensive to some readers. READ at your own risk……. All women and children…..and pets, to the barn!!

    “Rule of Law”, “Rule of Law”, You ignorant, naive buffooon!! You clown!! Or perhaps,…it is better suited, “YOU arrogant, self-serving elitist”, You, “Breen” attempt to convince people like me that the current depiction of “THE RULE OF LAW”, is “Just”?…..fair?, equitable?, balanced? (hey!! Get real……You are not laughing it up after supper with the men in the parlour, over a scotch, while the women clean up!!!) Get it!! This is 2011!!! YOU have no idea what “THE RULE OF LAW” in our society encompasses. YOU are out of touch!

    Hey,…. we’ve been there-get it!! We’ve been there!! —more than once!! We’ve seen it all–we’ve ridden all the rides……paid all the quarters…..get it!!

    Hey “Breen”, things have changed, this isn’t the 1990’s (the Dark Ages); this is 2011…we’re not going to take it anymore. What, only a couple of hundred years since the last revolution….not long in historical perspectives—is it? What scares people like you, is that the masses finally have multiple means of communication, people can network with the oppressed-the victims-the betrayed, etc and those who betray. Education is available to everyone, even the lower classes, people are encouraged/empowered to “speak out”, people know how to research, people can openly hypothsize, think in the abstract and voice their conclusions, think for themselves and they are not afraid to voice opinions, happiness, anger or dissatisfaction. People are not afraid to DISCLOSE FACTS!!
    Oh my…my, my, my…How to manage “the informed”? How to manage dissenting voices?

    Gee, “Breen”, maybe because I think your message is a “crock”, I should voice my displeasure through proper protocol……let’s all run and file a complaint with our “Senator”…..or the Law Society…..You my dear man, “Breen”, are out of touch—obviously too much time in “state rooms” or chasing “stately” butt to kiss.

    “Shut the internet, for “the greater good”!!”….is heard over the airwaves…. The ruling class is losing control. Never before has the “ruling class” had their feet held to the fire, in so many venues. Never before has their been evidence of so much corruption, never before has there been so much demand for accountability, responsibility and consequences.
    The “rulers” are losing control of the lapdog-mainstream news media (regionalization and the sanatizing of news stories worked for so long—-no more, “social media” rules the day!!)

    Do you want me to explain “THE RULE OF LAW”, as practiced in Canada, to you “Breen”? No, I suggest you bloody well know how justice is handed out in Canada…..you and the rest of the “blindfollowing”, complacent sheep, defame and mock the “RULE OF LAW”….on a daily basis.

    I suggest what motivates “your type of denial” is the fear of “DISCLOSURE”.

    And in your posting, you dare to use “The Word of God” as a basis of support for your assertions.
    Everyone claims to know “The Word of God”, but few agree.

  6. Larry Green says:

    Kevin Breen
    Was Fr. Bromley acquitted or was he found innocent? An acquittal does not equal innocence. Are you not being judgemental when you imply that those who claim to have been victimized are motivated to make up lies in order to gain money from an ‘ innocent’ man.
    I don’t agree with the assumption that being Christian means that we should burry our heads in the sand while pedophiles are raping our children .

  7. Michel B. says:

    looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, quack quack quack and yet some might say Hey look an eagle.

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