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I’m here.  I took time over the weekend to organize the hundreds of pictures I took over Christmas and get them off to family. It’s a task which was weighing heavy on my mind and decided I must get it done.  An enjoyable task 🙂


Redemptorist priest Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR preliminary hearing was scheduled to start today in Quebec City.  There has been speculation that there may have been a guilty plea before this, but, unless I missed it, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  

If anyone catches any English media coverage on this please post the link or pass it along so we can keep abreast of what’s happening.  There is probably a publication ban, but there should be some news on the outcome of the prelim.


As promised some days back I will update the Father Michael Walsh page with some further information regarding his time as a convicted molester in the Archdiocese of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I will post a blog when it’s done.


I am digging into files and materials which I read and set aside many many years ago.  I find I am reading them now with a new set of eyes.

In that vein, I did spend time over the weekend looking up information on Fathers William Boone & Ronald Kelly (now multi-millionaire Mr. Ronald Kelly).  I actually was going to add a page for Father Boone and thought I would have it together in a flash.  I recalled that he had received honourable mention in Michael Harris’ Unholy Orders (1991) and decided to check that out – and that took me to Harris’ account of Boone’s involvement in the Father Ronald Kelly sex abuse saga.

Very interesting.  My intent had not been to add the Kelly page now, but, for several reasons I’ve now concluded I really must. 

For example, you might recall that just days ago I gave kudos to Judge Seabright for comments he made at the 1988 sentencing of Father John Corrigan.

Well, it was a very different Judge Seabright who took the bench ten years earlier at the 1979 sex abuse trial of Father Ronald Kelly.  


So, after the Walsh update I will go to work getting the Boone and Kelly pages posted, first Boone and then Kelly.

Enough for now,


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