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Father Eric Dejaeger omi’s bail hearing is tomorrow morning at the Iqaluit courthouse, Nunavut.   We will know in short if the Oblates have again sought the services of Wolch, Pinx. Tapper. Scurfilield to mount Dejaeger’s defence.  I posted a comment on this earlier after reading through and posting the following:

 26 January 2011: Hiding in plain sight

An excellent article indeed! 


Father Paul Desilets, the Viatorian priest known to his many victims as “Father Hands” is dead.  Those from Cornwall and those who followed the Cornwall Public Inquiry may remember Desilets.  There was a mini battle over his extradition to the States to stand trial for the sex abuse of a number of young boys in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Desilets once taught at the Classical College in Cornwall.  When the college closed its doors in 1968 Desilets was off across the border.  To my knowledge there have been sex abuse allegations from his time in Cornwall.

Read through the information.  Despite knowledge that he was a molester the Viatorians allowed Desilets to serve at Notre Dames de Lourdes shrine in Rigauld Quebec for years. 

Someone kindly sent me a copy of the homily given at Desilet’sfuneral.  The homily is in French. I tried the google translation on it but the results were disastrous.  If anyone can better google I would love to have a decent translation to post alongsidede the French 🙂

As for Father Desilets, he has gone to meet his Maker. 


I have added a page and information on Father Ted Dekievet, a convicted molester from the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan.  I think Dekievet died sometime in the early  2000s.

 I will continue to pick away at the Accused list until there is a page for each name on the list. 


Some time ago I was debating putting together some guidelines for victims who are considering going to police.  The recent fiasco in the Campbellton courtroom over dates brought it back to mind.

Over the years I have seen many disasters in court which I think could have been prevented if a victim had been better prepared when he/she first stepped in the door of a police station.   I think there could also be advice for those wading through the legal system after charges are laid.

My idea at this time is to put together a few thoughts and then invite others who have been through the process to share from their own experience.  What do you think?  Could it be of assistance? I am looking for feedback here.  Either post a comment below or email me at cornwall@theinquiry.ca

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