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Dejaeger accommodations

Out of choice, Father Eric Dejaeger is in segregation at the Baffin Correctional Institute (Iqaluit, Nunavut).  According to media spokesman J.P. Deroy Dejaeger is in a single cell.  Dejaeger allegedly wants to remain segregated from the general population but he is free to mingle and interact should he so chooses.  His cell door is locked – his choice. If he wants to head out to shower all Dejaeger has to do is knock on his cell door – the door would be opened and he would be free to head down the hall to shower. Should he choose to remain locked in his cell, that is his choice.

Surprisingly, protective custody is not an issue in the correctional centre.  Unlike other detention centres across Canada child molesters are not considered to be at risk of personal injury from fellow inmates.  There are no safety concerns.    In other words, child molesters are not put in protective custody, nor are they routinely segregated in single cells.

Dejaeger is NOT on suicide watch

It is unknown if Dejaeger has a TV in his cell, but if he asked for one he would have it.

Reading materials are provided.  There is a small library available.  Dejaeger can receive any reading materials which are sent to him by mail or brought to him in person.  Local newspapers are available, as are copies of all the major newspapers across Canada, such as the Toronto Globe and Mail and Ottawa Citizen.

Dejaeger is due in court for a bail hearing today at 1:30 pm ET

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  1. northernfancy says:

    Good summary, Sylvia. I have been inside this facility and your description fits what I know. The inmates I saw were calm, appeared well fed, well dressed, clean. The meeting area was clean, modern, with good furniture and good windows. And most importantly, inmates were treated with respect by the correctional centre staff. I am sure there are reports which indicate other aspects or views, but I just want to add mine at this time as well.

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