Can you beleive it?

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I have added information on Father Pedro Aldea which people really should take a look at.  Included is 

28 October 2005:  Between Her Majesty the Queen Pedro Surtida Aldea: Oral Sentencing    

Can you believe it?  This priest was caught because he took pictured which constituted child porn and actually took the film into a Regina photo processing shop to have it developed!  And then charges of manufacturing  child porn charges were dropped when he pled guilty to soliciting the services of underage prostitutes!  And a charge of having sex with a prostitute also seemed to disappear.

And read the accolades which came his way after he was convicted. From some rather prominent citizens! 

In the end, a paltry 12 month conditional sentence.

That was 2005. And, he’s still a priest.  Whether or not he says or assists at Masses I have no idea, but Pedro Aldea is still Father Aldea.  He is still a priest.

Meanwhile over in the Vatican, and, in response to recent allegations that the Italian Prime Minister has solicited the services of underage prostitutes  Cardinal Bertone is calling on public officials to “commit themselves to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and legality”?

What can I say?


Nothing new yesterday on Father Eric Dejaeger.  He appears to request bail Monday at 1:30 pm.  I think all will be quiet until then.

I must say that in watching TV coverage and the film clips of Dejaeger’s arrival in Iqaluit I thought he looked totally discombobulated. I suppose he would be, wouldn’t he?  One day he’s foot-loose and fancy-free in Belgium, and the next he is taken into custody,  then locked in a detention centre for illegal immigrants in Bruges, then air borne en route to Canada, and, before he’s had a chance to really know what hit him there he is back in Iqaluit, Nunavit.  I say back because with his years in the North I’m sure he must have been there before, back in the days when it was Frobisher Bay and part of the North West Territories.

A shock to the sytem to be back.  Without a doubt, a shock.  That’s the last place in the world he wanted to be. 

I am hard pressed to feel sorry for him.  I can well imagine he has much to think about:  where is home?  after 15 years on the lam, where in Canada will he call home?  But, the mess he’s in now is his own doing, no one else’s.  He’s the author of his own demise. 

I suppose the Oblates will find a spot for him somewhere when this is all over.  I am quite certain that they will.  In fact, they have an obligation to look after him. 

But what about bail?  IF he were to get bail – and that’s a BIG big if – where in Iqaluit could he possibly be planning to stay?  Perhaps he has old friends?

We shall see….


Hoping you had a good weather and arrived in New Brunswick safely John-Derek

A reminder to those who can make the trip to the courthouse in Campbellton New Brunswick that the next sex abuse trial of Father Charles Picot is 1:30 pm. Monday 24 January 2011.

Finally, while thinking of the Bathurst Diocese, there’s still not a single boo about the Bathurst Diocese-Bastarche compensation package.  How many victims opted in?  How many victims opted out?  Have the victims been paid?  How many priests were identified as molesters?  What are the names of the clerical molesters? 

Not a word!


I have some more information on convicted molester  Father Michael J Walsh’syears in Halifax, Nova Scotia which I have been planning to post for several weeks.  I will get that taken care of this weekend 🙂

Enough for now,


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29 Responses to Can you beleive it?

  1. Larry Green says:

    ‘Hypcrite’ is a synonym for ‘catholic church.’

    • michael says:

      you too are a hypocrite, Larry. Catholic church hypocrite. But some members in the church are. There are a few like you in the church who are hypocrite.

  2. michael says:

    I mean ” Catholic Church is NOT HYPOCRITIC, but a few members are like you, larry

  3. Michel B. says:

    Just for discusssion, I really don’t see Larry doing anything in accordance with the text below as definition of hypocrite


    One who plays a part; especially, one who, for the purpose of winning approbation of favor, puts on a fair outside seeming; one who feigns to be other and better than he is; a false pretender to virtue or piety; one who simulates virtue or piety.

    For example a man who says he is pious, abuses children, runs away from responsibility, establishes himself in the lives of others abroad and feigns righteousness. Funny how every abuser named here fits this definition like Eric Dejeager et al..

  4. Michael says:

    There many in the world who appears to be good on the out side but later turned to be child abusers, criminals, liars, crooks, betrayers etc etc. So how can larry simply make a general statement about catholic church, based of few cases??
    Hisown very statement is a lie, so he is a hypocrite I think so. I do not know who Larry is, only I know him through his writings here. Even if somebody says that he or she knows him or her, most of the time it is hard to know other person. A husband and wife lived together for many years, did not know his wife (husband) was cheating or doing any criminal activities. It is very hard to know the mind of other. That is why parents do not trust theirown relatives when come to their children. There are many many in the society who abuses children and are being caught. So also in all religions and denominations. When it comes to money they project catholic church. I understand that point, who does not love to have a Million or two Dollars!!!

  5. Larry Green says:

    ‘Hypocrite’ is a synonym for ‘catholic church.’
    I’ve corrected the error !

  6. Tim says:

    Larry, YOU are the author of ERROR !!! Tim

  7. Larry Green says:

    You have everybody in stitches Tim. That was brilliant.
    Did the pope tell you to say that ?

  8. John Mac Donald says:

    A little eye opener for Tim and Michael………

    The caption on this blog is “Can you believe it”. I have been following this site for years and some things are still rather hard for me to believe. Here is what is astounding me, and I am going to make this simple for you guys…….

    Look at the “legal calendar” on the right hand side of this page. What those red days marked mean, are days when RC priests are in court somewhere in this great land of ours. Note 14 out of 21 sitting dates for the courts (weekends excluded) are taken up by RC priests on child molestation charges. Further looking on the “legal calendar” on the top bar of this page finds that 10 different RC priests are taking up those dates, that is just in January.

    Father Tim Moyle (who blogs on here every once in a while), has a website, where he wrote out the vow of obidience that RC priests take prior to becoming a priest. In it they swear the following line….”I also firmly accept and hold each and everything definetively proposed by the church regarding teaching faith and morals.” In the blog above, Cardinal Bertone is quoted as saying to the Prime Minister of Italy, “to commit themselves to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and morality.”

    What can I say……HYPOCRISY………As the caption of the blog says……”Can you believe it?”


    • Tim says:

      So John, what is your point, and who are you pointing at?
      Is the Blog about the Cardinal? Is the Cardinal the Catholic Church?
      Will you parse all comments to see if there is more than one meaning implied? Or are you just lashing out because of your own experience?
      Do you feel better when you vent? Tim

      • John Mac Donald says:

        Atta boy Tim, attack the messanger and don’t address the message. No where in here did I bring up my personal experience. These are THEIR words and THEIR actions. You have done nothing but attack since I posted. Come back and talk instead of swinging.


        • Tim says:

          John I still would like to know what YOUR point is,
          So you find some space between what they say, and what they appear to do. Again it is ONE Cardinal made that statement- not the more than one Billion Catholics. I am part of the Catholic Church, and very glad to be so.
          You may be dis-affected with what you see. I do not like the war in Afghanistan, but I do not crap on our military.
          We are in a War with Satan and his followers. I do not like defectors during a war. I do not expect perfection from imperfect humans- and I have never liked the broad-brush some people use when they attack my Church.
          I am over 75, and I have lived a lot, and committed many sins in my lifetime. But- and this may be the crux of my upset with those I see as traitors to my Church and my GOD, and that includes all sex offenders, and all who oppress children and adults.
          I have known many who will rant about various acts that are outrageous, and then walk by a beggar, or rant about the people on welfare.
          It really does matter whose ox is being gored when we miser-like pass out our Charity or what we think is Charity today.
          I do not assassinate messengers, but I do not bow down and adore them either.
          Jesus is my Saviour AND my HERO_ and I thank GOD I worship HIM in and through the Roman Catholic Church. AMEN

        • michael says:

          John McDonald,
          From your writings , it seems you look like a pentelcostal minister or yahovawitness who intreprets the bible which ever way they want and quote only what they like. About obedience of priests, you quoted from Fr.Tim’s blog. I have not checked it. but I know that is not what the priest do at the time of Ordination. You have misquoted it. The bishop asks the priest do you obey me and my successors? then the priest says yes to it. He is asked to follw all the teachings of the catholic church and teach, preach and practice what they preach. That is the commitment. But a few have failed and a just a few, just a few that’s all. Rest are good priests, good bishops. If there is a good religion in the world, that is the Roman Catholic church. There are countless holy priests and bishops in our church. Any way if you are frustrated with the catholic church, why don’t you sue the church , prehaps you too could make some easy money like some do. wish you good luck with it.

          • John Mac Donald says:

            Tim….I was prepared to respond to you on the human level that I thought that you had come down to, until I saw your response to Robert on another thread, then I did not know which half of you would have been reading my response…the human half or the superior being half as I see come through once in a while in your comments. These must be the acts of charity that you speak of.

            Michael……what can I say here to you, one is, read the Father Tim Moyle site, the words I quoted are what is written on his site by him, not interpretted by me. Secondly, ask any of the victims about the 30 pieces of silver that they recieved from settlements has been easy.

          • michael says:

            this is how and what happens in the ordination:


          • Tim says:

            John, just in case you think yourself to be an anylst of human reasoning and response, I suspect you are not.
            What I said to Robert is a response to his personal attack against Catholics which did not begin with today’s post.
            I will exercise my right and obligation to defend the Church ordained BY JESUS CHRIST as and when I know I should
            Petty sniping by enemies of Catholics and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against me as long as I may draw breath ! Tim

  9. John Mac Donald says:

    Sorry, Cardinal Bertones’ quote should have read…”To commit themselves to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and legality.”


  10. Michel B. says:

    That poor cardinal must have a hard time turning corners and negotiating tight spaces given that big beam sticking out of his eye. John I agree fully, this posting is about a spiritual authority telling people “To commit themselves to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and legality” while it’s own organization tolerates, hides and denies the extent of crimes against the most vulnurable ot it’s followings” Here is an example of follow your own advice first. Catholic won’t heal unless it takes it’s own honest moral inventory.

  11. Lina says:

    Well said John Mac Donald .

    Larry Green, I do share your frustration.

    Many are going through a rough times. It is so sad when one feels so alone and not believe that criminal acts were done to them by these evil clergy. What is tragic is when Church officials know it is true and still find ways to dirty the victim for sake of of protecting the Catholic Church’s image for whatever reason…they just do. Anyway enough of my babbling here.

    Here is a post that caught my eye and put a smile to my face by this guy Jeff. He pretty well puts some stuff in perspective.

    “Bless me Father for I have sinned, it has been 2000 years since my last confession…I am the Vatican, and my existence is premised upon a spate of theological lies and superstitions…I have fomented innumerable prejudices and persecutions…I have received ill-gotten riches in the form of property…art treasures…gold and piratical spoils from around the globe…I called down the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades…I taught that heretics should be put to death…I made second class servants, and sexual slaves out of women, and tortured them for being witches…I corrupted the mind of native peoples…I inculcated antisemitism, and I joined into a Concordat with Adolph Hitler…I sit idly over enormous riches while the poor of the world suffer and die from preventable causes…and I preside over a policy that both encourages and protects child-rapists…please instruct me how I may repent for my crimes… ”


  12. Tim says:

    Poor little Larry, get closer to m0mma. Lina get closer to baby.
    If hate would make you whole, you both would be the best of the best! Tim

  13. Lina says:

    I do not know what’s up with this Tim or even this Michael guy. I wish them well.

    But what I do know they are in the minority. So I will not let them deter me or frighten me away from this blog.

    As for Fr. Tim Moyle, I believe he’s ….I’m better off to keep those thoughts to myself.
    Time will eventually prove what Father is all about.

    It is wise for me to stay on this path of being constructive.
    I am very hopeful but I still do need a lot of patience.

    In my humble opinion, what does help me, it’s when I hear or read about the struggles of these courageous victims of clergy abuse (that is important) and that these survivors will see justice brought against those who did this to them and that also includes those who knew about those crimes and did not help these victims instead (these cowards) covered them up in so many countless ways.

    No matter what happens, sharing one thoughts here is very good for all.


  14. michael says:

    I think Leena and Larry are two frustrated and depressed individuals who get pleasure in attacking catholic church. They are in fools world. They truely need some psychological help and counseling. Together with the child abusers , they too should be send to jail for making false statements, untrue and misleading statements against the One and only Holy Catholic church. I do not really know what is their problem with the church?? While over One Billion people are happy with the church. Any way your barking like a dog will never do any harm to the church Christ instituted.
    You both are hypocrits in all aspects. For making stupid statements you too should be send to jail together with the criminals.

  15. Sylvia says:

    Please please discuss without this hurling of insults at each other.

  16. Lina says:

    Hypocrisy or not.

    This family relative (Pete) and his wife went to a Confirmation in the Diocese of Pembroke a little over a week ago.

    At one point Pete got to speak to Bishop Michael Mulhall.

    Pete asked Bishop Mulhall if he read the book, ” The Bishop’s Man” by Linden MacIntyre?

    The book won the Scotiabank Giller Prize last year I believe.

    Bishop heard about the book and he saw no wrong in reading it and he was going to read the book. ( he told Pete he had a copy of the book)

    Pete just finished reading the book. There are two ways to approach the book he told the Bishop.
    If you start reading the book with a negative attitude that is what you will get from the book.

    But…if you approach the book with a positive open mind attitude the Bishop will appreciate how the author wrote how the priests go through and deal with their struggles with loneliness and isolation.

    Pete never brought up one word about the clergy abuse victim(s). It was all about the priests.

    The clergy abuse and their victims did not even entered the conversation.

    Before Pete spoke to the Bishop Mulhall, he and his wife agreed they should NOT bring up THAT pedophile stuff with him .

    Many Catholics like Pete (not a few) will not speak up for clergy abuse victims, or at least the victims in general, even in a tactful way.

    Come on…like the victims were not on Pete’s mind or on Bishop Michael Mulhall’s mind?

    They both chose to ignore the clergy abuse issue in a sly way in my opinion.

    True, one might say it was not a proper time but then when is it ever a proper time?

    I believe it can be done in a caring, civil tactful way.

    Good night!


  17. Lina says:

    Oh…Sylvia……being adults here you think I (we) should know better. To ignore the tag team of Tim and Michael may be a good charity move. But there is a time in life when one needs to let things slide and there is a time in life when one needs to stand up for oneself.

    We are only in the 25th day in this new year. I thought I was doing pretty well, holding my own. Posting very little eventhough being faulty accused otherwise. I am going on record that I know I’m not a perfect Catholic. I also admit I am more of a sinner than a saint. Nevertheless, I am truly trying my best to be a good person.

    Tim & Michael,
    If you are not willing to treat me better and move ahead with the focus on what this site is really all about…it will be easy for me from now on to ignore you both because I am at peace with that decision. There is a constructive way to speak to a person without making yourselves rude. To agree to disagree is understandable and appropriate.

    So to lighten to the situation I will say this:

    Stay tuned folks for the next episode where the somewhat famous tag team comes across a large billboard sign that reads:

    “You Have Now Crossed Over Into…The Twilight Zone”.

    As for my life, I am truly alive and living it, my choice, thank you.

    Have a great day,


  18. Michael says:

    I certainly do not understand your request to Sylvia. What I understood is that you want only people who support your views and your friends to write on this site. Then more people will ignore what you all write, because it is one sided. I have several forums where I can express my opinions and views. Above all I deal with over 3000 young and old every day!

  19. Sylvia says:

    This thread is closed.

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