The latest on our Oblate fugitive

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A short time ago I spoke to Mr. Jean Pierre Deroy, (JP), media relations person for the Baffin Correctional Centre in Iqaluit, Nunavut. 

Mr. Deroy does not know if Father Eric Dejager will be checking into the Correctional Centre upon arrival in Iqaluit.  At the time we spoke Deroy had not received a call advising that Dejaeger would be coming. 

According to Deroy, the RCMP detachment in Iqaluit does have a holding cell.  I believe therefore that it is possible that Dejaeger will be held in the RCMP holding cell until he makes his first court appearance.  (I would think that if Dejaeger arrives in Iqaluit this evening he will be in court in the morning – in these instances usually that first court appearane is scheduled fairly quickly) 

According to Deroy, if Dejaeger’s first court appearance results in a remand then Dejaeger would definitely be checked into the Baffin Correctional Centre (BCC). 

Here are a few bits of info about BCC:

  • BCC has a capacity of 66.  There are single cells, and cells which will accommodate up to 6 inmates. 
  • Sex offenders are not automatically segregated in BCC and can be left to mix with the general prison population.  However, should it be deemed necessary, Dejaeger could be segregated. 
  • Inmates were blue sweat pants and blue T-shirts. 
  • There is a TV in the common room.  Should an inmate be put in segregation a TV would be put in his room. 
  • Visitors are permitted three-evenings a week, from 7 pm to 9 pm.   
  • Inmates have ready access to a phone, and, with a calling card can make long distance calls.  Incoming calls may be received after screening. 
  • As with most such centres, there is a canteen for the purchase of goodies and so on.

It may not be the greatest but, ironic as it is,  it sounds a whole lot better than what Perry Dunlop had to put with for nearly seven months, doesn’t it?

Anyway, that’s the latest.  I have left messages for call backs with several people in Iqaluit.  (All calls are going to answering machines today :))


 I think by now Dejaeger should be in Montreal, Quebec.  From there he will be off to Toronto – possibly via Ottawa – en route to Iqaluit, Nunavut.  I have no idea when he is due to land in Iqaluit, and don’t for that matter even know if it will be today. But, I think he must be on Canadian soil 🙂

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  1. Sylvia says:

    As noted elsewhere, he’s in Canada – off to Iqaluit tomorrow:

    19 January 2011: Priest returns to Canada to face sex charges

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