Have they no shame?

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A few things to pass along quickly:

(1)  I have added a Father Eldon McGrath page.

(a) Note that this priest, a molester of at least 15 little girls, assisted Archbishop Daniel Bohan at a Mass celebrating the centennial of Our Lady of Victory Parish in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan.  I repeat my question:  What was a convicted child molester doing in sanctuary?  and with the archbishop no less! 

Have they no shame?  No scruples?

(b) Scroll down the page and note also the following paras from the Canadian Press articles on 07 June 1993 and 08 June 1993 after word of the investigation got out:

07 June 1993:

A prepared statement about the case was read to parishioners attending weekend services at St. Henry’s Roman Catholic Church in Melville, Sask., about 130 kilometres northeast of Regina.

The statement said the issue had not been discussed publically [sic] because guidelines set out by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops insist on strict confidentiality, to protect all people involved.

08 June 1993

Schner, a member of the advisory committee on sexual abuse for the Regina Archdiocese, said the allegations against the two priests had been kept confidential by his committee to ensure the integrity of the police investigations and protect the individuals involved.

(c) Finally, I was surprised to see that McGrath’s address at the St. Michael Community in Missouri was listed in the 1994 Canadian Catholic Church Directory. That’s very unusual.  The norm for clergy shipped off to these ‘recycling’ centres is an address c/o the Diocesan Centre.  I have yet to see one  priest whose address is listed as that of Southdown

I wonder why it was listed?  After his conviction McGrath’s address was listed in the CCCD as c/o the Diocesan Centre, but NOT when he was off for “treatment.”  Strange.

(d) I just realized I failed to add the names of bishops.  I will do so now 🙂

(2) 13 January 2011:   Sex charges against former chaplain dropped 

It took a while to get something out into the public domain on this.  I suppose better late than never.

I added a comment to the article.  I think it is worthy of note that there was a prior quiet pay-off, which, according to the chancellor of the Saint Boniface Diocese, “would have been in the line of $24,000. I believe.”

That aside, I am truly puzzled.  Why was the Crown asking the Justice of the Peace to withdraw the charges? Why no judge?  And where was Bazin’s lawyer?

And this article implies that the charges were withdrawn on request “earlier this month.”  I was told just days ago that they were withdrawn 22 December 2010. Is it a typo?  Did McLaughlin perhaps mean “earlier last month”?

There are other things here which puzzle me.  I must see if I can find out more.


Does anyone have any word on the outcome of Hod Marshall’s court date today in Windsor, Ontario?  Ditto Father Lucien Lussier in Cornwall, Ontario? 


Enough for now,


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