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As I noted earlier today, another Canadian priest charged:

13 January 2011: Retired priest charged with sexual assault 

12 January 2011: Former priest turns on sex abuse accuser

I have added Father James Boudreau’s name and a link to further info to the Accused list.  As you can see, Father Boudreau is a former Barnabite priest, meaning he was a member of an order of priests known alternately known as the Clerics Regular of St. Paul and had the letters CRSP behind his name.  

Boudreau was ordained as a Barnabite in 1978.  Boudreau has served his entire priesthood to date in the Hamilton Diocese.  He left the order in 1996 and has since been incardinated in the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.

The Hamilton Diocese is home to the head of Barnabites in Canada (the Father Superior) who is located at St. James RC Church in Oakville, Ontario.  St. James is administered by the Barnabites.

At one time Our Lady of the Assumption RC Church in Stony Creek, Ontario – also Hamilton Diocese – was administered by the Barnabites.  Father Boudreau served at Assumption, and, indeed while there was also Father Superior.

The Barnabites left Assumption in 2006, witness this letter by Father Gabriel Patil, then Provincial Superior of the order, to parishioners (Provincial Superior is in charge of all Barnabites in North America)

Strangely enough we had ever so brief comment on Patil here on Sylvia’s Site back in June 2010.  I had honestly forgotten about him completely until I started researching Father Bourdreau.  Three men filed lawsuits in 2004 alleging repetitive childhood sex abuse (ages 6 to 9) at the hands of Father Patil.  At the time the suits were filed Patil was in St. James RC Church in Ontario.

Where in Ontario?  I had no idea.  I thought possibly St. James in Oakville.  I tried to confirm but requests went unanswered.  I decided to leave it.

I now realize that of course it was St. James in Oakville.  It’s a Barnabite parish, and Patil would have been at a Barnabite parish.

This evening I added Father Gabriel Patil crsp to the list of Accused.

I had trouble initially sorting out whether Boudreau was ordained as  Barnabite or as a diocesan priest.  I called St. James in Oakville.

I spoke to a Father Louis.  Father Louis said that Boudreau was ordained as a Barnabite, and he confirmed that Boudreau left the order in 1996.  Father Louis had no idea why Boudreau left (“ask him”), he knew of no allegations during Boudreau’s years with the order, and he confirmed that Bourdreau had served as Father Superior in Canada but did not know for how long.

Asked if the allegations against Boudreau came as surprise there was an almost audible gasp on the other end of the phone:  “Allegations? What allegations?”

Father Louis hadn’t heard Boudreau had been charged.

When I asked Father Louis for his last name, he declined.  He felt it best to “leave well enough alone.”  “You’ve thrown me a real curve.” 

I must say it did not for a moment cross my mind that the word wasn’t out to Barnabites.  I imagine it was indeed a shock. My apologies to Father Louis it’sLouis Lenssen crsp for being the bearer of the bad news.  He was very truly taken aback. 


Not a word on the Bathurst/Bastarche compensation package.  Not a single boo!  Nor was there acknowledgement from the diocese of the victims group IVAS’ 12 Christmass wishes  It’s just all deathly quiet.  What’s going on?


No word on the appeal of the Father Charles Picot acquittal.  It was heard by the New Brunswick Court of Appeal 26 October 2011.  Hopefully for Michael’s sake it won’t be much longer. And hopefully justice will be done.


Well done Father James Connell for standing alongside and supporting the victims of sexual abuse in the Milwaukee Archdiocese.  No matter what anyone says, that took courage.  Well done:

12 January 2011: Wis. priest an unlikely ally to sex abuse victims 


A new year, and no word on Father Bernard Cloutier’s appeal of his conviction getting off the ground.  Cloutier was convicted October 2010.  It’s over a year.  As long as it drags on Cloutier is out and about.


Today I added information on Father Bernard Croteau.  There is more.  I have paper files which reference the fact that there were three sister and a brother who all alleged sex abuse at the hands of Croteau.  The charges of sodomizing the boy were thrown thrown out by the judge.  Croteau also admitted to sexual relationship with the complainants’ mother as well as a homosexual encounter with another priest.  I will eventually get into those files and scan and post.

In light of the above info, note the following from a news report following Croteau’s conviction in 1991

   “I do not wish to speak to the media,” Roy says. “The option I have chosen . . . is to give my diocesans information, and I strive to motivate them, first and foremost, in forgiving and adjust in a Christian way to this sad situation that has touched everyone.”

Who was to forgive who for what?

Note too the following:

During the trials of Croteau and Beaupre, the court heard that Roy did not go to police after hearing allegations that the priests had been involved in sexual assaults. Legally he didn’t have to.

How pathetic.  How disgustingly and sadly pathetic.

What about morally?  Did the Bishop not sense a teeny-weeny moral obligation to have this monster masquerading as a priest dealt with in a court of law?  for the good of all?

Obviously not. 

And. at the end of a legal day, Croteau was sentenced to 15 months’ custody in a sex offenders program. And, at the end of a canonical day, he’s still a priest!


Court dates for tomorrow:

(1) Father Hod Marshall csb has another court date tomorrow in Windsor (Chatham St courthouse).  I don’t have the start time. 

I hope and pray that something positive transpires tomorrow.

Please, anyone, let us know what happens, either by sending a media link or posting a comment.

(2)Father Lucien Lussier’s judicial pre-trial is scheduled for 9 am at the Cornwall, Ontario courthouse.

It’s taken nearly four years to get to this!

If anyone in the Cornwall area can deke into the courthouse to find out what’s going on here please please do.

As always I ask all to remember all victims and their families in their prayers, particularly those with court dates imminent.  These revolving courtroom doors are extremely stressful for all. I will never ever understand how a Roman Catholic priest can deny, deny deny for months and often years on end, and then come trial, out comes a guilty plea, and on its heels judicial kudos for sparing the victims the agony of a trial! 

Enough for now,


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