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Keep an eye on New to the Site – I am adding information pages on those clergy whose names appear on the Accused list for whom I had not yet created a page.  (to access manually click NEW on the menu bar above). 

Today I added pages for the following:

Father Anthony O’Brien

note that O’Brien was originally with the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  He was reported in 1975, shipped off to Southdown and then recycled right into service with the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario.  It looks as though he died in the early 2000s. 

Father Allan Savage

does anyone know anything about this case?  How could the Crown not have presented evidence?  Was that literally or figuratively? 

Father Edgardo Bayani

seems that Bayani just up and left Canada after the charges of sexual interference were dropped.  I know no more about this. 

Father Edward Barrett

Despite the ‘not guilty’ I have heard that Barrett has not served as a priest since he was charged.  Does this mean the diocese conducted its own internal investigation and concluded the allegations were credible?  If not, what does it mean?

I will carry on.

Enough for now,


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