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I have sent out an SOS.  I just can not get those menus to function properly. I am reminded now of why I have been putting off this upgrade and change over 🙁  It’s always a rocky few days.

Anyway, one way or the other the problem will eventually be resolved.  Once that’s taken care of I will address other minor issues.  I would like, for example, to get the comment link back up at the head of the page – it’s annoying to have to scroll down to the foot of a blog.

The good news is that in the midst of this minor chaos I found and added an events calendar to the side of the page.  That I think should be handy for everyone – it will be an easy way to keep an eye on pending court dates.  Hover over the highlighted dates for the names or names of the priest(s) who has/have a court date scheduled on that day. Click on the date – the “Link out” links to the accused’s page on Sylvia’s Site.  I will add whatever info I have available re the court date.


I noticed today that some of the links on New to the Site disappeared with the change-over.  Thankfully they are still located elsewhere on the site.  I returned a few which I could think of but won’t go beyond that. 


Father James Jordan omi is due in courtroom #13 at 10 am today (10 January 2011), Ottawa courthouse – Jordan is charged with possession of child pornography.  I hope a few people from the Ottawa area can make  to find out what transpires, and I do hope the media is there.


My apologies, I have fallen behind on comments and emails while trying to get this new theme up and running.  Today should be a better day.

Enough for now,


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