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I am troubleshooting the latest technological glitches.  My webhost is working on it at his end too.  It’s looking like compatibility problems and all sorts of strange things to do with php and allocated memory.   So, as it stand, thanks to my web host Zoltan Orc , my blog software has now been upgraded to the latest version, which is a huge step for me – but. alas, hasn’t  rectified the problem 🙁

I can now change “themes” – something I must do and talked about doing a few months ago.  The new theme will initially make Sylvia’s Site look very different, and it will take time for me to get things to marry up and show correctly, so, you will once again have to bear with me, technically-challenged as I am!.  I think there is a possibility that the switch to the new theme will rectify my posting problems, so I am going to give it a try.  If it works I will leave it and start adjusting the look and settings.  If it doesn’t solve the current problem I will revert to the familiar theme and stay with it until the problem is solved.   

Here goes 🙂


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  1. Sylvia says:

    No luck, so I am back to the old theme until things are fixed up. But oh my I am looking forward to getting the new theme up and running. Once I get things fixed up it will make make getting around the site so much easier.

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