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A busy month in the offing. I got an update on court dates yesterday so will list those first and then follow with other court dates scheduled for this month. I am unable at this time to link all names to their respective pages.  I will keep trying:   The links are added and, thanks to my webhost,  everything is working 🙂


(1) ALLEN: Father William Allen (Father Bill)

11 February 2011: Allen’s next court date is 11 February 2011 “to take a plea.” Ottawa courthouse, 9 am courtroom, #7

Courtroom #7 is reserved for motions and guilty pleas. Does this mean there MAY be a guilty plea in the offing?

Allen is a priest with the Archdiocese of Ottawa. he was charged 12 July 2010.

(2) BAZIN: Father Roger Bazin

CHARGES WITHDRAWN. Former military Chaplain General and retired Brigadier General Bazin’s charges were withdrawn 22 December 2010. I will try to find out more on this tomorrow.

Some may recall that the buggery charge against Bazin was eventually dropped and that staff at Xtra, Canada’s gay and lesbian paper were extremely upset that Bazin was charged with buggery in the first place.

Bottom line: The ten charges which Bazin originally faced have disappeared. Poof! Gone!!

(3) GRECCO: Donald Grecco

19 January 2011: Ex priest and convicted child molester Don Grecco has unfinished business with regard to his breach of residency charge. Grecco has a court date set for 19 January 2011 in Picton, Ontario

4) JACOBS: Father Phillip Jacobs

I am awaiting a call back from the courthouse. I will make note of Jacob’s next court date as soon as I get word

(5) LEFEBVRE: Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre

19 January 2011: Lefebvre’s next court date is 19 January 2011 to set dates for a preliminary hearing. Sudbury courthouse, 10 am.

6) MARSHALL: Father William Hodgson Marshall

02 February 2011: Marshall’s next Sudbury court date is 02 February 2011. Other court dates listed below.

Marshall was first charged in May 2010

(7) O’KEEFE: Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb

26 January 2011: O’Keefe’s next court date is 26 January 2011, 08:30 am, courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse) Ottawa Courtroom #5 is remand courtroom – this will probably be another in and out in a matter of minutes

O’Keefe was charged August 2010.

Other January 2011 court dates

(1) JORDAN: Father James Jordan omi

10 January 2011: Next court date: 10 January 2011 10:00 am, Courtroom #13, Ottawa Courthouse (This I believe is Jordan’s trial for possession of child pornography.

Jordan was charged July 2009

(2) LAVOIE: Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR

31 January 2011: Lavoie’s next court appearance is 31 January 2011, Quebec. (preliminary hearing, but a deal for a guilty plea could be worked out before then)

Lavoie was charged December 2009.

(3) LUSSIER: Father Lucien Lussier

12 January 2011: Lussier’s trial is scheduled for 12 January 2011 at the Cornwall Ontario courthouse.

The first of these charges were laid against Lussier in the Fall of 2007.

(4) MARSHALL: Father William Hodgson Marshall

12 January 2011: Marshall’s next WINDSOR court date is 12 January 2011. Windsor courthouse, 09:30 am, Courtroom #6

19 January 2011: Marshall’s next TORONTO court date is 19 January 2011

02 February 2011: Marshall’s next SUDBURY court date is 02 February 2011

(5) PICOT: Father Charles Picot

24 ,25 & (?) 26 January 2011: I will try to get some clarification on Picot’s trial dates. The trial is scheduled to begin 24 January 2011 and may continue through to the 26th of January 2011 157 Water Street (City Center) Campbellton NB-2nd floor

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who anxiously watch court dates come and go, and with those whose sex abuse allegations are scheduled to be dealt with at trial this month

Enough for now,


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11 Responses to New court dates

  1. Sylvia: Are you aware when Borne’s next court appearance is scheduled? Further, is the next step the actual trial or are there more preliminary steps to take place?

    Strange that I would have to ask you but there is almost no news within the Diocese about him and I was wondering if we were finally approaching the moment where he faces justice for the charges that have been laid against him.


    Fr. Tim

  2. Sylvia says:

    Fr. Tim: I have Borne’s next court date as 10 am, 15 March 2011 for pre-trial motions.

    Here’s a link to further info on pre-trial motions:

    Scroll to

    What are pre-trial motions or hearings?

    The defence lawyer or Crown prosecutor may bring matters to the court to be decided before commencement of your trial, such as relate to the admissibility of evidence, place of trial, sufficiency of disclosure or the constitutional rights of the accused. Occasionally, a judge may refer a legal question concerning your case be dealt with before the trial will proceed.

    And here is another link with more info:

    There COULD be Charter motions filed at a pre-trial, meaning he would claim his charter rights have been violated in some fashion. Of equal import, there COULD be an application to stay the charges.

  3. Lina says:

    Went to bed early to fight off this flu bug and I woke up feeling better in the wee hours of the morning.

    Recently, I was at a family dinner. At one point one of my younger brothers brought up the subject of Monsignor Borne asking the same questioned about Borne’s next court date.

    My older brother knew about the March date. He had spoken to 4 local priests in the Pembroke Diocese and he said the case against Borne is “feeble” and very weak compared to Bernard Prince’s case. These 4 priests my brother knows and spoke to were more concern with the outstanding civil lawsuits against the Pembroke Diocese because of the now defrocked priest ex-Monsignor Bernard Prince (who is now out of prison).

    When I replied the more victims that come forward and bring lawsuits the better. My older brother responded a strong NO. Why I asked?

    The why is because these priests friends of my brother told him they are very worried about their pension fund.

    I believe we heard that information about that pension fund somewhere before?

    As for Borne, my older brother believes that case will dwindle practically to nothing.

    Two of my brothers strongly believe the case is weak and I also had to remember Borne has NOT been convicted.

    I told my older brother I believe the victims not Monsignor Borne. That I hoped the remaining Borne victims would stay strong and persevere for justice sake.

    Sadly, I felt from 2 of my brothers such an atmosphere of detachment for the Borne victims.

    I feel so badly for all Monsignor Borne’s victims and those of Bernard Prince.

    I pray it will turn out well for Borne’s victims.
    Nevertheless, after hearing what my brother said I am so frightened and concerned for Borne’s victims because the case may be dismiss. Which many folks around Pembroke believe will eventually happened.


    • Sylvia says:

      Ah yes, the pension fund! That keeps popping up doesn’t it?

      No matter, I like you have concerns about where this is heading Lina. Will this be another Monsignor Roger Bazin case with all charges withdrawn? I hope not. I believe that all charges laid should be tested in a court of law.

  4. Suzanne says:

    There are many people up and down the “Valley” waiting to hear that Borne WILL be going to trial; the thought that this case might dissipate due to a Charter motion sickens me; BUT would not surprise me either. I pray and hope that the 2 remaining victims have the strength to remain strong and can withstand the long process; my perception of what I read here from one of the victims is that Borne spent much time grooming victims; but kept “hands off” until they were of age… a very slick abuser!!!
    Lina; the one thing that the Borne case has done within the Diocese is give a wake up call to many of the more conservative Catholics who were in denial; many were naive that these things could happen here in our area; even with the Prince case; there was not the same connection to the same degree (not that his crimes are not horrendous); but because he wasn’t a Parish priest or assistant here some didn’t raise their heads out of the sand; the Borne case has the attention of many as for years he annually accompanied the Bishop to every elementary school in the Board to visit and chat with hundreds and hundreds of school age children prior to their Confirmation; was present at practices and at the Confirmation Mass…….he was very visible…. this long drawn out judicial process gives a message to other victims that they are reticent to come forward….how sad!!! It seems that the criminals have more rights given them that the victims…. I have started following this site only since the Borne arrest and have gained so much insight here from the articles and bloggers; I thank you Sylvia for your hard work; I am a cradle Catholic who remarried outside the Church several years ago and am no longer a practicing Catholic; .. I will contiue to direct people to this site and to communicate on-going happenings…Best Regards..Suzanne

  5. Sylvia says:

    Yes Suzanne, let’s keep the remainingn victims in our prayers. If we are concerened they must be doubly so.

  6. Larry Green says:

    I sure everyone is wrong ( including myself) about a feeling that Borne may get away with his crimes.It is sickening to say the least and I can’t imagine what impact that would have on church attendance with that still a priest.

  7. Larry Green says:

    I sure ” hope ” everyone is wrong !

  8. Larry Green says:

    I will never ever be found in any church where that is the ” sorry representative ” of Christ.

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