It’s fixed!

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It’s fixed.  Hallelujah 🙂

Now this truly is a situation where the problems I encountered served a good cause.  My webhost fixed whatever the problem was, and in the process my blog software upgrade was done and the new theme was downloaded and made available to me. I can now  get on with setting up the new theme.  How long have I talked about getting that taken care of?

Because of these technical niggles my day was occupied with getting the problem rectified – no time to get anything else accomplished.  I did fix up the New court dates post so it’s easier to read, and the links are now there with each name for those who want to check out backgrounds and further info. I will leave it at that rather than redo it.

I did put in another call to the Victoria courthouse for information on Father Philip Jacobs.  No call back as yet.  This may run into next week, but one way or the other I will get the information so we all know when Jacobs next court date is.

At some point this evening I will switch over to the new blog theme permanently.  It will, as you will see, take a bit of work to get things in order, but I am convinced it will be well worth it in the long run.  Until it’s all set up a little clicking here and should lead you to what you’re hunting for.  Bear with me!

Enough for now,


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