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I am having posting problems again.  I will have to try to find a way to circumvent the problem.


I have posted information re upcoming court dates under Comments on this blog.  This is the only way I can get the information posted right now.  For some reason I can not post anything more complex than a paragraph or two – but I can get it in as a comment!  Unfortunately it’s difficult to get the links in there but, I will give it a try.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    A busy month in the offing. I got an update on court dates today so will list those first and then follow with other court dates scheduled for this month:


    (1) ALLEN: Father William Allen (Father Bill)

    11 February 2011: Allen’s next court date is 11 February 2011 “to take a plea.” Ottawa courthouse, 9 am courtroom, #7

    Courtroom #7 is reserved for motions and guilty pleas. Does this mean there MAY be a guilty plea in the offing?

    Allen is a priest with the Archdiocese of Ottawa. he was charged 12 July 2010.

    (2) BAZIN: Father Roger Bazin

    CHARGES WITHDRAWN. Former military Chaplain General and retired Brigadier General Bazin’s charges were withdrawn 22 December 2010. I will try to find out more on this tomorrow.

    Some may recall that the buggery charge against Bazin was eventually dropped and that staff at Xtra, Canada’s gay and lesbian paper were extremely upset that Bazin was charged with buggery in the first place.

    Bottom line: The ten charges which Bazin originally faced have disappeared. Poof! Gone!!

    (3) GRECCO: Donald Grecco

    19 January 2011: Ex priest and convicted child molester Don Grecco has unfinished business with regard to his breach of residency charge. Grecco has a court date set for 19 January 2011 in Picton, Ontario

    4) JACOBS: Father Phillip Jacobs

    I am awaiting a call back from the courthouse. I will make note of Jacob’s next court date as soon as I get word

    (5) LEFEBVRE: Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre

    19 January 2011: Lefebvre’s next court date is 19 January 2011 to set dates for a preliminary hearing. Sudbury courthouse, 10 am.

    6) MARSHALL: Father William Hodgson Marshall

    02 February 2011: Marshall’s next Sudbury court date is 02 February 2011. Other court dates listed below.

    Marshall was first charged in May 2010

    (7) O’KEEFE: Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb

    26 January 2011: O’Keefe’s next court date is 26 January 2011, 08:30 am, courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse) Ottawa Courtroom #5 is remand courtroom – this will probably be another in and out in a matter of minutes

    O’Keefe was charged August 2010.

    Other January 2011 court dates

    (1) JORDAN: Father James Jordan omi

    10 January 2011: Next court date: 10 January 2011 10:00 am, Courtroom #13, Ottawa Courthouse (This I believe is Jordan’s trial for possession of child pornography.

    Jordan was charged July 2009

    (2) LAVOIE: Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR

    31 January 2011: Lavoie’s next court appearance is 31 January 2011, Quebec. (preliminary hearing, but a deal for a guilty plea could be worked out before then)

    Lavoie was charged December 2009.

    (3) LUSSIER: Father Lucien Lussier

    12 January 2011: Lussier’s trial is scheduled for 12 January 2011 at the Cornwall Ontario courthouse.

    The first of these charges were laid against Lussier in the Fall of 2007.

    (4) MARSHALL: Father William Hodgson Marshall

    12 January 2011: Marshall’s next WINDSOR court date is 12 January 2011. Windsor courthouse, 09:30 am, Courtroom #6

    19 January 2011: Marshall’s next TORONTO court date is 19 January 2011

    02 February 2011: Marshall’s next SUDBURY court date is 02 February 2011

    (5) PICOT: Father Charles Picot

    24 ,25 & (?) 26 January 2011: I will try to get some clarification on Picot’s trial dates. The trial is scheduled to begin 24 January 2011 and may continue through to the 26th of January 2011 157 Water Street (City Center) Campbellton NB-2nd floor

  2. Sylvia says:

    This isn’t the answer, but for now it works and allows me to get up the information on courtdates. I will keep working at it until I can get the information posted properly so that it can be read with a little more ease than the above.

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