Years arguing

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Busy days getting things ready for Christmas – slowly but surely things are getting done 🙂

 I posted two new articles yesterday:

Eight years to get this man defrocked! 
(2) 18 December 2010:  Priest abuse was hidden for 16 years 
Previously censored portions of the Irish Murphy Report have now been made public regarding Father Tony Walsh.  Walsh was convicted 05 December 2010 allowing the ban on publication to be lifted .  Investigators said Walsh was the worst case they had encountered – he molested hundreds of children, boys and girls, while serving in Dublin 1978-1996.
Note that documents revealed that the Dublin Archdiocese spent years arguing over whether Walsh should be defrocked, sent for counselling or assigned to duties where he would not be around children.  I can not imagine what was to argue.
Also of interest in Ireland, here’s an external  link– more charges of some sort may be pending for ex -priest and child molester Oliver O’Grady who was most recently charged with possession of child pornography.  If further charges are laid I will post the coverage, for now I will just provide the external link.
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