Software trouble

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My anti spam software went kaput – I tried another and it is blocking absulutely everything.  I see that you have been trying to post a comment Steven Yoon and it won’t let it through.  It won’t even let me post it, nor will it let me post a simple comment explaingin the problem.  I will obviously have to find another anti-spam plug-in 🙁 

 My apologies.  I have to head out shortly – hopefully can resolve this shortly – if not I will have to leave it until this evening.


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  1. Sylvia says:

    The anti-spam software which I am testing right now asks that you put a check in a checkbox to confirm that you are not a spammer. Be sure to put the check mark. I’ll see how well this works at allowing people to post while keeping spammers at bay 🙂 I get literally hundreds of spam emails daily so it’s imperative that I have a good anti-spam plugin.

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