Please not a ‘Tut tut bad boy’

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Three court dates this week: 

(1)    “Father” Donald Grecco  

 Ex priest convicted child molester Donald Grecco will finally be sentenced tomorrow (12 December 2010):   10 am, courtroom #302, John Sopinka courthouse, Hamilton, Ontario.

I say finally because Grecco, who was charged September 2008, entered a guilty plea in April of this year.  He is just now being sentenced!  I pray with all my heart that that he doesn’t walk out with little more than a tap on the back of the hand and a  ‘tut tut bad bad boy.”

Keep the victims in your prayers.  If you’re close enough to get down to the courthouse to show your support in person tomorrow then please do, it means a lot to the victims.

As always, please , anyone, let us know the outcome – post the news or link to media coverage here on on the Grecco thread

A reminder too that two days later, on Wednesday 15 December 2010, Grecco is due in the Belleville courthouse on his breach of residency requirements charge. He served a month in jail after he was caught breaching his residency requirements, and was in fact living at the residence of convicted clerical molester Father James Kneale.   He was retained in custody because he was unable to find anyone to vouch for him.

(2)  Father William Allen

Father Bill Allen was charged last October.  Tomorrow’s court date at the Ottawa courthouse is “to be spoken to” – this will probably be another court date set for 2011.  I doubt that Allen will be there. I will check with the courthouse on Tuesday for the next court date, but if anyone knows tomorrow it would save me a phone call while keeping everyone up-to-date 🙂

 (3) Father Phillip Jacobs

Father Jacobs was charged last August.  A pre-trial conference is scheduled for   15 December 2010 : 9 am, Victoria courthouse, Victoria, British Columbia.

Enough for now,


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