Why the silence?

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Not a boo about the Bathurst Diocese/Bastarache compensation package.  Nothing.  Not yet anyway.  This is a far cry from the  publicity which accompanied the handover of the report on the initial 01 November 2010 deadline    

What’s going on?  Why the silence?  Where’s the media?


I have updates on some court dates: 

(1)  Father William Hodgson Marshall has a  court date tomorrow in TORONTO tomorrow (03 December 2010).  I unfortunately don’t have the time, or the courthouse, or the courtroom.  If anyone has the details could you please post so that those who are interested have the details?  [11 am, Old City Hall Courthouse)

(2)  Bishop Raymond Lahey: has a court date tomorrow in OTTAWA:  03 December 2010:  0900 hours – Courtroom Room 8 (Regular Court); 

(3)  Father Kenneth O’Keefecsb:  22 December 2010OTTAWA ( 08:30 am, courtroom  #5 – courtroom #5 thi is usually remand court) 

(4)  Father James Jordan  omi:  10 January 2011 OTTAWA (10:00 am, courtroom  #13) 

I missed Father William Allen.  He had a court date 29 November 2010.  I will get the details on his next court date tomorrow. Ditto the next date for Monsignor Roger Bazin


I came across something which both intrigues and puzzles me.  From the Basilian Newsletter 1999

Project(s) Children’s Home of St. Lucia (St. Lucia)
Amount awarded: 3,500.00
endorsement: Fr. W. H. Marshall, CSB

As I say on the page, I don’t understand what this means.  But why, three years after the Basilians shipped Hod off for ‘treatment, is Hod’s name associated with children in any way, shape or form? 

Can anyone enlighten me/us on what this grant means?  Were the monies requested by Marshall?  Were they given to Marshall to disperse? 

Also, we had heard before about Hod Marshall’s foundation for St. Lucia.  Here is a 2006 listing of Canadian charities abroad.  Note Hod’s Hope for St. Lucia Foundation,

And here is an external link to a 2009 document indicating a request had been filed to revoke the charitable status of Hod’s Hope for St. Lucia Foundation

Was Hod actually in charge of that Foundation?  Did he administer it for all of those years?  Does anyone know any more on that?


The following is an excerpt from Bishop Douglas Crosby omi (now Bishop of Hamilton Ontario) Pastoral Letter to parishioners of St. George’s Diocese, Corner Brook. Newfoundland and Labrador, 08 September 2005.  It came months after the diocese sought bankruptcy protection as a result of $13M sex abuse claims:


Financial appeal

The parishes in our diocese have given very generously, in fact they have given all they can give from their financial resources. We cannot and will not ask the parishes to do more. Please remember that parishes depend totally on the generosity of parishioners to be able to provide the pastoral services they do. Whether or not you choose to help the diocese directly, I implore you to increase your Sunday offering if you can, or to make a special financial gift to your parish at this particularly challenging time.


The media attention given to our settlement agreement has been the occasion for the outpouring of generosity from across the country. The diocese has received financial gifts from individuals of $50.00, $1,000.00, $5,000.00, and $10,000.00. Recently, one business man from southern Ontario pledged $100,000.00 to help us meet our commitments! All have promised prayers for us, and especially for the healing of those who have suffered most. While I do not want this pastoral letter to become an appeal for financial support, I do want to invite parishioners who are able and who wish to assist the diocese financially to do so. Consider making a contribution of $1,000.00 if you can; more if you are able. Any amount of generosity will help us fulfill our obligations.


$100,00.00!!!  From a “businessman from Southern Ontario”?   The money was flowing in. “From across the country.”

By the way, Bishop Crosby’s predecessor in St. George’s was Raymond Lahey.

Enough for now


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4 Responses to Why the silence?

  1. Sylvia says:

    Hod’s court date tomorrow is 11 am at the Old City Hall Courthouse. I doubt that he will be there – sounds as though there will be nothing of note so no need to be in rush to get there.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Monsignor Roger Bazin’s next court date is 22 December 2010, Barrie courthouse, “to be spoken to”

  3. Sylvia says:

    Father William Allen’s next court date is 13 December 2010, courtroom #5, “to be spoken to” (Ottawa courthouse)

  4. Lina says:

    “What’s going on? Why the silence? Where’s the media?”

    All good questions from an alert mind.

    I like to believe the media is in shock and can’t come up with adequate words to express to their listeners and readers that the Catholic Church’s leaders still do what they do best…the same old thing. (wink)

    EVEN if your a dead Catholic the Church still finds a way to rip you off—like pilfering a trust fund! So much for your dying wishes folks.

    What about that letter the Vatican released the other day. ‘Vatican Defends Pope’s Record On Sexual Abuse’.*

    Did you know before Pope Benedict XVI was pontiff he was once a Cardinal in Germany in 1980’s and he did try hard to help so many victims of abuse.

    Is that suppose to be a message of hope or a satire to the clergy abuse victims around the world that he did his best then to help victims get justice? Should all these victims today feel everything is going to be alright now because the Pope has done a lot of good way back then in getting ride of naughty priests and he will continue to get rid of many more bad clergy soon and many more in the future?

    The Vatican must be expecting the victims to express feelings of love, joy and be so relieved that the Pope is forever on top of this sex abuse scandal problem.

    The Vatican is probably banking…that these victims do not proceed with their lawsuits.

    The Vatican released that misleading letter as a public relation ploy to booster the Roman Catholic Church’s image just before Christmas day.

    People, who do not have a wasteland for a brain know this Pope is only trying to undo history and rewrite it for the good of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Many Catholics are going to believe the Pope because he said he tried to help victims and that’s must be the WHOLE truth because the Pope doesn’t lie?

    That is alright if you believe in reading fiction. (grin)

    My final thoughts are with the clergy abuse victims, all this silence must seem nobody cares, they must sense justice is a long, tiring, a lonely path they walk, that is a never ending journey. Sadly, for many they never see justice.

    I’m truly, sincerely sorry for that.

    Keep up your courage, keep up the fight for justice! Many of us are supporting your cause.


    Have a good weekend.


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