Closely guarded secrets

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This morning, 10 am, Friday 26 November 2010, part 2 of Donald Grecco’s sentencing hearing continues at John Sopinka courthouse, Hamilton, Ontario.  My understanding is that it is the Crown’s turn to speak. 

Those in the area who can do so make your way down to the courthouse.  The victims I am sure would appreciate the support.

Again, anyone who can would you please give us an update or link to media coverage to let us know what happens. Also, keep an ear open for Grecco’s whereabouts.  Surely the public is entitled to know where a convicted child molester awaiting sentencing is lodged?

By the way, someone asked about the lawsuit. I found out that former Bishop James Wingle has NOT been served.  I think for all the fanfare a while back his whereabouts remain a closely guarded secret. Does anyone know where he is now?


Today MUST be the day for the judge’s ruling on the Bathurst diocese’s request to dip into the seminarian’s Trust Fund?  There hasn’t been a word!


I am supposed to be on the road bright and early tomorrow – the weather forecast is not promising – freezing rain +++.  I’m crossing my fingers that the roads will be well salted over night

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Closely guarded secrets

  1. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Reality Checker. I have it posted: 26 November 2010: Crown wants Grecco jailed up to four years

  2. West guy says:

    Sylvia to locate bishop wingle, call his sister Margeret Moriss. 613 628 2815

  3. Curious says:

    Determining the residency of an accused person is easy. When that person was first charged, bail would have been granted if he has not been held in custody. One of the conditions of that bail would have been to reside at an address approved by the court. Any change in address would have had to have been reported back to the court and it would be indicate on the charge documents. Any person in Ontario is entitled to view the “information” related to an adult charged in Ontario. There are rare exceptions when a court official may try to block access to documents if a publication ban exists, and I assume one does in this case as there are victims in need of protection. Their names would be subject to a publication ban. But even in cases such as these, a strong argument made to court officials can often effect a side-stepping of this obstacle.
    Nearly every court in Ontario has an information desk. All you usually need to access the documents is a person’s name. Date of birth helps as well.

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