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Today I wanted to get the Basilian timeline page done properly.  WordPress (the program I use of this blog) is not good with tables so I gave up on that.  I found a “plug in” which looked like it would allow me to do what I had to do, but problems there too.  So, what I have now decided to do is create the table in Microsoft Office and then save and post  it as a pdf file.  I’ve been experimenting a little to see if it will work – it’s not perfect, but it holds the layout.  I will carry on 🙂


No word on the Monsignor Roger Bazin and Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb court dates of today.  If anyone has any information would you please post a comment or get in touch?  I will check with the courts tomorrow.  I have been trying to get the next court date for Father Philip Jacobs – sometimes it takes a while 🙁

And nothing from New Brunswick.  Perhaps the decision will come today?

Enough for now


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