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I decided to clear my head a little day and do something constructive but mind blank. I compiled a list of all the English Dioceses of Canada with contact information for the current Bishop, auxiliary bishops and Bishops Emeretii.  I have a few of the French dioceses done as well but still need to fill in numeber from Quebec.  I will add those in time, however if anyone has need of a name and/or contact information which is not yet listed send me an email and I will add it right away.

Here it is. If you have been wanting to get in touch with your bishop, or a particular bishop but didn’t have a phone number or email address or postal address, here they are:

Canadian Bishops contact information

I trust you will put them to good use 🙂 

I tried to put the link where it can be accessed fairly easily.   The link to the list can now be accessed via the “MISC” tab at the top of the page.  I also added it at the top of the RC Scandal/Canada page, and at the top of the “Documents” page.  That should work I think, I hope.

Enough for now,


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