Busy week in courts

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A busy week this week  for clerical- molester-related courtroom business: 

(1)  Sometime this week Justice Fred Ferguson will release his decision as to whether or not the Bathurst Diocese/Bishop Vienneau can dip into the seminarian Trust Fund to compensate  vicxitms of clerical sexual abuse.  

(2)  Wednesday 24 November 2010:  

(i) BAZIN:  Retired Brigadier General/Monsignor Roger Bazin (9 am Courtroom #9, “to be spoken to,” Barrie, Ontario) 

(ii) MARSHALL csb: Father Hod Marshall csb (09:30 am Courtroom #6, Windsor, Ontario) 

(iii)  O’KEEFE csb:  Father Kenneth O’Keeffe csb (08:30 am, Courtroom #5, “to be spoken to.” Ottawa, Ontario)

(3) Friday  26 November 2010

GRECCO:  Donald Grecco, sentencing hearing of 29 October 2010 continues (Hamilton, Ontario) (Time?)


I scanned and posted two excerpts from the Immaculate Conception Parish centennial book.  Apologies.  I didn’t do a very good job on the scanning – the book is  hard to lay flat.  But, they’re legible:

15 & 16 June 1974:  Father Leo Campbell csb ordination and first Mass 1974 (Immaculate Conception Parish, Bridgeport, Nova Scotia 1885 1985 A Century of Faith and Community by Catherine A Godwin (1985)  (scroll to 15 June then on to next page)

13 & 14 1965:  Father Ed MacNeil omi ordination and first Mass, (Immaculate Conception Parish, Bridgeport, Nova Scotia 1885 1985 A Century of Faith and Community by Catherin A Godwin ([1985]) (scroll to 13 June, then scroll past the black black areas to text on next page)

(I see that Father Joseph N. MacNeil’s first assignment after ordination (Diocese of Antigonish) was as assistant at Immaculate Conception Parish (June 1948 to January 1949 ).   Joseph MacNeil became Bishop of Saint John, New Brunswick (1969-73) and later Archbishop of Edmonton, Alberta 1973-1999.  He served as President of the CCCB 1979-1981.  He is now retired.

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