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I’m finished for now.  Here is the latest on recycling  known sex offenders

I have gone into a lot of detail.  I felt I had to.

I have add emphasis with bolding to draw attnetion to certain statements


The Recycling of

Convicted Molester Father Ed MacNeil omi

Around the end of September of this year (2010) arrangements were being made for the baptism of a little three-year-old boy.  

The little fellow was to be baptized at the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa, on Bronson Ave, Ottawa, in the building which once housed Immaculata High School. Two children (around age 5 and 9) from another family, and a baby from yet another family were  to be baptized at the same time. 

Father Ed MacNeil was to perform the baptisms. 

The Secret is Out

All was well and good until the little fellow’s grandmother (I’ll call her Grandma) googled Father MacNeil’s name.  A Father Ed MacNeil omi had been convicted in 1996 for sexually abusing several young lads. 

Was it the same Father Ed MacNeil? 

Yes.  Indeed it was. 

Mom was concerned.  She talked to a  Father Darolyd Corbiere Winkler csb about Father MacNeil’s past.  ( Father Winkler a Basilian priest ordained 1997,  is currently pursuing a doctorate at Ottawa’s St. Paul University. Father Winkler works with the Kateri ministry in Ottawa where he serves as an Administrative Assistantant. )

According to Mom, Winkler told her that Father MacNeil has paid the price, and that MacNeil had gone to prison, and that that was a long time ago. 

On 30 September Mom sent off an email to Father Darolyd and others at the centre.  She asked for more information about or a chance to meet with MacNeil.  She wanted to know if MacNeil had gone through a healing program and she wanted more specifics on how he had paid the price. 

In a subsequent conversation Mom was told by Father Winkler that it was positive to raise the issue of MacNeil’s past because many native people have been hurt by the Roman Catholic Church.  

It was decided that there would be a meeting: the meeting with Mom, Grandma and Father MacNeil should transpire before the Baptism and the Baptism might there have to be postponed. 

Later that day (30 September) Father Winkler sent the following email to Mom and another mother: 

Thank you for your calls this morning.  I want you to know that we are looking forward to the baptisms of your children very much.  Our  experience is that this kind of celebration is not only good for the families directly involved but is also good and important for the whole community.

[Mom’s] email this morning, concerning Fr. Ed, touches on a very important issue. Since Kateri Ministry is closely associated with the Archdiocese of Ottawa, we feel that this matter cannot be taken lightly, especially since the healing and reconciliation of Native peoples and the Church has been an important focus of Kateri’s ministry since its foundation some 12 years ago.

We believe that we need to deal with [Mom’s] concern regarding Fr Ed who has already paid his great price. He has worked diligently with our people and has gone overboard in helping all our Native endeavours for the last ten years. This is a very sensitive issue and should be addressed in a safe environment and in a respectful and proper manner.

By doing so, we can get things out into the open in an honest way so that the baptisms may take place within an atmosphere of peace and good will for everyone.  Our primary concern is for you and your families and children.

It is important, then, that we be able to gather and discuss this issue with Fr. Ed and you and those concerned with openness and honesty.  It can be an important opportunity for all of us.  And I believe, too, that something very positive can come about as a result of such a gathering.

So this is my proposal.  *First*, that we gather this Saturday night at 7:00 pm as we had originally planned.  This gathering is for the baptismal preparation that we are encouraged to do with all baptisms.  This gathering is primarily for the parents and godparents of the children, though if other family members wish to attend, that is find and good.

*Secondly*, we arrange a convenient time when yourselves, John Corston and Fr. Ed can meet to discuss the concern that has been brought up.  At the moment, John is very sick and is not able to meet for a few days.  What this means is that we will necessarily have to postpone the baptisms.  I realize just how inconvenient this is, especially since family and friends are planning to come for the baptism this Sunday.  But I hope that you agree that we need to deal with the concern before we can proceed with the baptisms.  We want the baptisms to be real celebrations without any residue of apprehension.

Hopeful this Saturday evening, after the baptismal preparation we can begin to discern an appropriate time for a gathering with Fr. Ed and all concerned.

Let us pray that these baptisms will turn out to be a source of healing and reconciliation as well as welcoming of new children in the Church.

Please forward this message on to [the other mother]!  God bless and

Kindest regards,

Daryold Corbiere Winkler

(the John Corston referenced is the Executive Director of the Kateri  Native Ministry of Ottawa) 

That was 30 September 2010. 

The Meeting

The proposed meeting was apparently postponed more than once and hence the Baptism was delayed . 

That was it until shortly before mid month November. Plans were put in motion to get the meeting set up and, following that, proceed with the Baptisms. 

The meeting was scheduled for the evening of 15 November 2010.  By then all parents had arranged to have their children baptised elsewhere.  Mom and Grandma, however, decided they would attend. They had questions. 

In attendance at the 7 pm meeting were Mom, Grandma, Father Winkler, Father Ed MacNeil, and John Corston. 

Here is a summary of Grandma and Mom’s account of the meeting and what was learned about Father MacNeil’s service to the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa: some information was offered by MacNeil, other information was derived through questioning:

  • The meeting was opened with prayers and sweetgrass blessings. 
  • Father MacNeil said he was from Nova Scotia.  He explained that he had a strict Catholic upbringing with lots of talk of sins, Hell the Devil and so on.  
  • It was Father Joe Cain omi who recommended that Father Ed MacNeil assist with masses and so on at Kateri Native Ministry Ottawa.  Father MacNeil would replace Father Cain who was in ill health. 
  • Father MacNeil has been with the Kateri ministry for the past eight years.  
  • He ‘says’ Mass on the first Sunday of each month and then, he told the women, he goes back to the nun’s place where he stays. 
  • According to Father Neil, the bishop, Archbishop Prendergast, has given him permission to say Mass.  The bishop told him he is not to be around children. 
  • Father MacNeil said he’s sorry for what he did.   He goes for counseling with a qualified university educated counselor once a week.  He lives with the nuns now – there’s a shortage of priest and they can use his services taking the nuns to doctors, taking care of records and so on. 
  • MacNeil told the women that he didn’t really abuse the boys but playfully touched them. He was apparently not comfortable talking about the abuse. Mom and Grndam ahd no desire to hear the details. 
  • Grandma asked Father MacNeil if he knew what he did to the boys who are men now and what they may be going through.  At this John Corstan  stepped in and said ‘hold it.’  Corstan, I was told, felt the question was not related to Baptism and that Grandma was targeting MacNeil.  Grandma persisted.  She explained that they were there to talk about the sexual abuse committed by Father MacNeil and that there’s more to it than the Church covering up for priests all the time. 
  • “Fr. Ed”  said that when all the victims (my word) were in the courtroom he told them that  he was sorry for what he did to them: he said that one the men said he really didn’t care what MacNeil said.  At this Grandma told MacNeil she could tell by that that that man was hurting.  She told MacNeil that he had created fear in the boy, and that alone separated God from him, because “fear does that, creating negative energies, satanic energies.” She told MacNeil: “You gave that to him.”  At this point Corstan tried to interject, whereupon Grandma said:”You’re the Executive Director” and she handed him   a document she prepared for the meeting.  She told Corstair the document was about the suffering of men and boys who have been sexually abused, and she told him that  Churches are closing down because of sexual assaults, and she told him that people don’t trust the Roman Catholic church anymore.  

Grandma told Corstair he could do what he wants with the document, but she suggested it be read by  Corstair, Winkler and MacNeil. 

  • Mom told MacNeil that, just as alcoholics tell people say ‘I’m an alcoholic”  he, MacNeil, should tell everyone he is a child molester.  At that Father MacNeil apparently stammered that some people know but it’s not something he tells everyone. 

That was the essence of the meeting. 

My understanding is that the meeting was hospitable. 

Background information and observations

Some further background information, clarifications and/or observations regarding the recycling of convicted Oblate child molester Father Ed MacNeil upon an unwitting native populace:

(1)  The Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa website completely disappeared from the internet a few days ago. I think it was Wednesday17 Nov) that I googled and discovered it was gone.   Fortunately I had saved a few key pages over the weekend and on Monday 15 November 2010).   Since the site disappeared I have been able to access only two cached pages. (cached pages or copies of the site are copies of the information which was last stored by Google.)

(2) According to the October 2010  Kateri Native Bulletin

“Kateri Native Ministry is a Catholic lay ministry within the Archdiocese of Ottawa committed to the Healing and Reconciliation of Aboriginal Peoples”

“Kateri Native Ministry exists through the generous contribution of the Archdiocese of Ottawa, the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Pembroke, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Basilian Fathers of Toronto, the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa, the Oblates of Lacombe Province and other private benefactors”

On it’s website the ministry was described as follows:

“The Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa is a Catholic Lay Ministry registered as a non-profit charitable organization committed to the healing and reconciliation of Aboriginal People under the guidance of the Archdiocese of Ottawa. The ministry provides the spiritual and corporal works of mercy through the blending of Christian spirituality with Native traditions and culture” 

(3)  The Kateri Bulletin identifies Father Ed MaNeil OMI as  “SACRAMENTAL MINISTER”

Daryold Corbiere Winkler is identified as “ADMINISTRATIVE ASST.”  Father Winkler is not identified as either a priest or a Basilian.

(4)  Father MacNeil does NOT live with nuns.  Once upon a time, when he was charged and after he was convicted,  he lived with nuns in Pembrooke  Peterborough, however, for the past several years he has been living at Springhurst Residence in Ottawa.

Springhurst is an Oblate residence adjacent to St. Paul University. A number of retired, semi-retired and active members of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (Oblates) reside at the residence.  Spare rooms are rented to priests studying at St. Paul U.

In June of this year there were 18 Oblates and 2 students  in the residence.  Two rooms were retained as spares for visiting guests.  Those numbers come from Father MacNeil in an article :”As We Age”  (Oblate Spirit, June 2010)

There are NO nuns at Springhurst.

Father MacNeil has been actively involved in the Springhurst community for several years.  At present he is essentially  the man in charge of the small Oblate community at Springhurst.

I double checked with Grandma on this.  I couldn’t understand why Father MacNeil would have told her he is living with nuns when in fact he has been at Springhurst for years.  Grandma firmly reiterated that MacNeil told her he is living with the nuns.

(5)  Also living at Springhurst Residence is Father James Anthony Jordan omi.  The 63-year-old Oblate was charged with one count of possession of child pornography July 2009.  I don’t  know the outcome of that charge or even if it has gone to trial

Some may recall too that on 22 October 2010  a new resident of Springhurst , Peter Sutton,  Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Keewatin-The Pas,.celebrated his 50 th anniversary of ordination.  Father Ed MacNeil  was there to join the celebration  So too, as was mentioned on a previous blog, was our disgraced “Bishop” Raymond Lahey.  Lahey is due in court next month as his child pornography charges ever so  slowly wind their way toward trial.

Once upon a time convicted molester Father Leonard Paradis omi lived at Springhurst.  I don’t have a page for Paradis yes, but he is listed on the Accused page

I’m not sure where Paradis is now.   His name isn’t in the directory.  He may still be a Springhurst?  No matter, evidence at Paradis’s 1989 trial showed that the abuse he inflicted was earlier reported to Bishop Peter Sutton but, … nothing was done.  After conviction Paradis was eventually relocated to Springhurst Residence in Ottawa.  It was later discovered that this convicted molester occasionally assisted at Mass at St. Joseph’s Church, Ottawa.

(6) Father Ed McNeil has been actively involved in Kateri Native Ministry conferences in conferences in Pembroke, Ontario .  Young children and teenagers were in attendance.

Archbishop Emeritus Marcel Gervais, the recently retired archbishop of Ottawa, was “special guest” at the 2008 conference. A picture shows both MacNeil and Gervais in the sanctuary.  This is the conference which advertisedchildren under 12 ½  price” and a  “Special Ministry for Youth.”

A Healing and Reconcilaition Conference in June of this year drew 80 people. conference this year.  Note: “Blake Kwatiash represented the Native youth of Thunder Bay”

 (7)  Marcel Gervais was Archbishop of Ottawa when MacNeil began his involvement with Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa.  Under the circumstances, I must assume that Gervais gave his approval for this convicted molester to administer the Sacraments to the native peoples.   

(8)  On Wednesday 17 November 2010 I sent an email to Monsignor Kevin Beach,  the Vicar General and Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Ottawa.  I asked three questions:

(1) Could you confirm that Bishop Prendergast gave Father Ed MacNeil OMI faculties to say Mass and/or hear confessions? 

(2)  Father MacNeil has been working with the Kateri ministry for 8 years.  I am assuming that this means that Archbishop Gervais also gave his approval.  Am I correct in that assumption? 

(3)  Could you comment on the fact that these people were not advised of Father MacNeil’s conviction?

To date there has been no response.

(9) On Wednesday 17 November 2010 I sent an email to Father Daryold Corbiere csb Winkler.  I asked the Basilian four questions

(1)  Were the Basilian Superior and council made aware that Father MacNeil is a convicted child molester? 

(2)  Why were the people at the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa not advised that Father MacNeil is a convicted child molester? 

(3) Do you believe it is appropriate for a known clerical molester to say Mass, hear confessions and provide other priestly services? 

(4)  What do you mean when you say that Father MacNeil has already paid a great price? 

To date there has been no response.


I had compiled a huge list of questions as I worked my way through this, but, now that I am done all I can think of is:  When will it end?  I may come back to pose some of thise questions after I clear my head a little of this rot.  For now, two questions:

(1)  When will it end?

All I can say is check out your priests, wherever they may be.  

Get assurances from the bishop – in writing – that that particular priest is not a known molester or predator.  Don’t just ask if he’s a convicted molester, ask if he is a known molester: ask if there have ever been allegations of sex abuse against him.  Ask if there ever been a pay-off, or an out-of-court settlement. 

(A reminder that there are a number of priests sashaying around who were never charged because their sins of sexual abuse were reported to the dioccese but their crimes were NOT reported to police.)

(2)  And, yes, that one other question. 

Why is Ottawa’s Archbishop Prendergast helping the Irish to fix their problems?  Why was he chosen?

As we see above, the archbishop has allowed convicted molester Ed macNeil to minister to, and say Mass and hear confessions for  the native peoples.  We know too that, while he was Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Halifax, Nova Scotia  Prendergast perrmiited convicted molster Father Michael Walsh to function as a priest.  We also  know that known molester John Huels is actually teaching canon law at Ottawa’s St. Paul University.  Finally, although he is not a known molester, we know that  Monsignor Renken, who was dismissed from the Diocese of Springfield Illinois after his long-term homosexual relationship with Monsignor Kenneth Steffen became public knowledge, is also teaching canon law at St. Paul’s.

What, pray tell, does Archbishop Prendergast have to offer to clean up the mess in Ireland?

Enough for now,


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26 Responses to Recycling

  1. 1yellowknife says:

    Any abuser who minimizes his acts by stating it was ”Playful touching” is a huge risk to kids.
    Any organization which is more concerned with protecting the molester’s feelings than protecting the kids is dysfunctional. Their programs are a risk to kids.
    Any lies about one’s residence or related matters (in order to portray a more benign self image) is worrisome. It shows the sick bonds of lying and deceit have not been broken.
    Thank you, Grandmother, for bringing this forward. Your instincts and your actions were right. You were spiritually guided in this role. Thank you for heeding the inner voice.

  2. Valley Girl says:

    The leaders of the catholic church simply do not care about about our children. That they would knowingly place a convicted pedophile in a position where they could be touching one of our most precious gifts during the sacrament of baptism is appalling!

    I was at a Confirmation this weekend and the ceremony was really beautiful. The thoughts going through my mind were not so beautiful. I don’t go to church very often anymore and when I do go I am wondering if the priest on the alter is hurting children. I do know that there are good decent priests out there, but what is really bothering me is the continuous covering up and enabling of the molestations to continue.

    The Roman Catholic church is the church of the people. Collectively, the parishioners and the decent priests have a much larger voice than the people in charge of the church. Why are we not insisting that these men are de-frocked?

  3. Ceilidhe says:

    Another sickening example of how the Catholic Church protects pedophiles instead of children. I found it interesting that this convicted child molester had been housed with nuns in Pembroke for a time. You can bet that those nuns were not told that he was a convicted pedophile! The nuns I know are just as angry as the rest of us Catholics at how the church has allowed pedophiles to continue abusing children by covering up their crimes or moving them to another parish. This McNeil doesn’t deserve to be a priest and should be cast out of the priesthood like the scum he is. Imagine what would happen if a hospital had a convicted pedophile treating children, or if a school had a convicted pedophile teaching! Both of these professions cast out known child predators. In fact, the governing body of each of these professions would revoke their right to practice medicine or teaching, and rightly so. I don’t expect any less from my church!

  4. Lina says:

    I get what you are saying Ceilidhe.

    This nun told my Dad & I (shortly after this priest was arrested) that Monsignor Robert Borne: “you know…he is guilty” Etc..,

    …but many months later this nun recanted everything she told us. She wanted to reassure us she must have meant to say he(Borne)needs prayers, and people who do these evil acts are sick & we should pray for all victims of clergy abuse.

    One of my sons warned me not to release this nun’s name because I will get her in trouble. She WILL be discipline severely. She would help but she is stuck in a middle of a difficult situation.

    She had to be told Ceilidhe to keep quiet. The local authority of Church would remind her & other nuns who they really are & where their loyalty belongs to & that is to the Holy Roman Catholic Church & the local Bishop would gladly re-enforce that message to these nuns.

    I do not trust my church in dealing with clergy abuse crimes that is why the law needs to deal with these criminals.

    Victims need all the help they can get to seek justice because it is so hard to achieve this justice but there is always hope…I do pray.


  5. Tim says:

    Lina, like you and all the others who are so willing to convict before ALL the facts are out, this nun who you say recanted,does not have all the facts. GOD does, and HE is our final JUDGE.
    I still am amazed at all of the Catholics who hold to certain tenets of the Catholic Faith, but, pick and choose what they will do about the others.
    Lina, give the same Charity to others as you want given to your Gay son ! Tim

  6. Lina says:


    Your (post #5) to me is somewhat crass.

    You refuse to see certain facts (some even yourself do not know of) that is out about certain priests.

    There are many facts that are not RECOGNIZED in a court of law.

    Just because a court finds a priest not guilty of his crimes does not mean he did not do it.

    Do not forget all those never ending postponed trials of those priests who like to wear down their victims, so the victims will give up to seek justice that is rightly theirs…you silly man.

    These clergy abuse victims know those crimes were done against them by certain priest(s) & also their family & friends know these priest(s) did it. They live with the effects daily. It is so frustrating & time consuming to seek justice for these clergy abuse victims.

    It amazes me these priests never volunteer that they are guilty right from the start (even with so much evidence against them) it’s always the victims fault or the accusers are lying, they are out to hurt the Catholic Church, it is never the bad priests’ fault, no way that nice priest would do such an evil awful acts against the innocents like that..etc..

    These priests can save so much time, pain & suffering, by just telling the TRUTH…but NO..they do not want to take full responsibility for their EVIL criminal actions. They take the long, long way route to get away with their crimes. Get the best lawyers.

    So many people like you Tim help these bad priests & are willing to take these Catholic priests side no matter what.

    I do realize, it may be difficult for you Tim to comprehend that information.

    As for bringing up my gay son which as nothing to do with this pedophile/molester priests situation.

    Tim, you should really try to get over being in that homophobic mode mindset…that is so yesterday.

    There’s nothing more vicious Tim than a bigot who thinks God is on their side. It is people who sexually abuse children, vulnerable youth & those who protect them, are “intrinsically evil.”

    Stop trying to derail this thread YET again Tim?

    Have a great day!


  7. Tim says:

    Lina your reasoning and justifications are even more queer than your son. Tim

  8. Sylvia says:

    A typo. Apologies. As in para # 9 in R v. MacNeil Father MacNeil was with the nuns in Peterborough NOT Pembroke.

  9. Sylvia says:

    No more Tim. No more. That is uncalled for.

  10. Sylvia says:

    Lina, Tim. No more on this.

  11. Lina says:

    I get the message Sylvia loud & clear.

    I’m finished. I’m out of here.

    No hard feelings Sylvia.


  12. Tim says:

    Sylvia, would you re-read post #6, and tell me or others why that kind of castigation can be made by Lina, and a response is not allowed. She loves throwing around B S and you, from time to time congratulate her, .
    Does one have to have the need for revenge, packaged as justice for OTHERS, as a cloak of acceptance here? Tim

  13. Larry Green says:

    Tim, you aren’t as holy as you think you are.You think you were put on this earth to save the saviour.
    You are actualy a very very cruel person.

  14. Sylvia says:

    Tim, all you had to say got lost when you brought Lina’s son into the discussion. There was no need of that. None. You followed that up with post #7. That was just plain nasty.

    Lina, my intent with # 10 was not to shut you down. I had simply hoped you would not engage in the discussion further to spare you any further hurt.

  15. Tim says:

    Larry, Lina, and Sylvia- you deserve one another, I hope you do not hurt yourselves patting each other on the back. I will leave all this to your relief, and look at other places where they are not so stuck in the mud. Bye bye! Tim

  16. Sylvia says:

    Who ever said running a blog dealing with clerical sexual abuse would be easy? It’s not.

    I do the best I can Tim. I try to keep threads on topic. I try to allow people to have their say and express their opinions. Sometimes I feel I have to step in because an exchange has become counter productive.

    What do you think of a convicted child molester ministering to the native people? What do you think of church officials covering up for a convicted clerical molester? That got lost in the shuffle.

  17. Ceilidhe says:


    I’m a practicing Catholic and I have nothing against homosexuals because they are made by God the same as heterosexuals and God doesn’t make mistakes. I don’t believe that God cares who we love but I believe that he cares how we treat people who are different from ourselves for whatever reason. My children are grown now and are not gay but if one of them or both of them were gay I would be just fine with that. I think it is hypocritical to claim to be a Christian and look down at a person or group of people just because they are different from me. Lina, please ignore comments about your son from thoughtless bigots and continue to love him for who he is! I know that many Catholics and most Christians don’t care what a person’s sexual preference is and rightly so.

  18. Tim says:

    Sylvia, I understand about keeping people on topic. That however is not how you deal with Lina. You let her keep on keeping on about the same stuff ad nauseum.
    Larry thinks he insults me, but that is fine. Lina Celidhe calls you and I and anyone else who is not a fan of homosexuality a bigot, and non-Christian, and that goes unchallenged.
    Early on in life I came to understand allpeople are equal, butSome people end up be more equal than others. I really do think it is best I leave this very negative blog, and let the others enjoy their brand of self-righteousness.
    Fare thee well ! Tim

  19. Michel B. says:

    I think a little reflection, a little prayer for the other in the discussion and a little temparence of ones opinion with respect to anothers personal circumstances might be helpful. How would Christ speak to any of theses issues. Originally this post was about how the church recycles criminals in situations that further place children at risk. Without a doubt these things do happen and should not. The emotions with respect to this subject is sometiemes raw and we forget to be considerate to ourselves in a global fashion. If you say something that you would not like uttered to yourself and you try to reflect on the true experience of the other rather than your belief with respect to that experience your opinion might be temepered in compassion. I’ts about loving not shoving. Peace man.

  20. Sylvia says:

    I am sorry you see it that way Tim. Michel B is right: the emotions related to this blog are sometimes raw. There is a lot of suffering, pain, and yes, anger, out there. Charity. Tim. Charity.

  21. Lina says:

    I’m sorry for my part in this unfortunate mess. I believe there is a time to let things slide & a time to speak up.

    I am willing to agree to disagree. To forgive & move on & get back on track.

    This thread, this website is too important & I do not want it see it derailed or deleted. Too many folks read it & many victims get helpful info from here.

    Furthermore, Sylvia does not deserve this chaos especially from me.

    Are we good?


  22. Tim says:

    There need not be someone Eternally stoking the flames of hatred, disbelief, and controversy. Satan does that well enough. Tim

  23. Lina says:

    I will be away for the day.

    Here is a website(forgive me if Sylvia already spoke about it)

    There is also a 3:49 video

    The trial of Don Ruggero Conti, a charismatic 55-year-old priest accused of molesting seven boys, has brought the issue to the Vatican’s doorstep.

    Families of these clergy abuse victims have police guards & their lawyers. They all got death warnings even the judge because many Catholics see these victims as hurting the church.


  24. Sylvia says:

    We’re good Lina (#29) 🙂 I think Tim posted at the same time as you (#22) so that comment is not directed at you but at me.

    Tim, can we move on?

  25. Sylvia says:

    The Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa website is back up:

    Note “assistance with all Catholic Sacraments”

    Note the report on the 12th Annual Healing and Reconciliation Conference

    “Fr. Ed MacNeil (Ottawa) and Fr. Vaughan Quinn (Toronot), Oblates of Lacombe were ever present to celebrate mass, give counsel and to offer the sacrament of reconciliation”

    That’s convicted child molester Father Ed MacNeil, – the Father MacNeil who recently described his sex crimes as ‘playful touching.’

    Contact Ottawa’s Archbishop Terrence Predergast and the CCCB -tell them what you think, and let them know that the the Catholic faithful in general and Catholic natives in particular deserve to be served by a priest who is NOT a known sexual predator.

  26. Tim says:

    And John Corston knows better. Tim

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