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A few weeks back I added Father Henri Posset omi to the Accused list. I had received information that Posset, an Oblate priest who served in Canada’s North throughout most of his life as a priest, had committed suicide after an investigation into allegations of sex abuse.

A few days ago I was speaking with a woman on another matter.  She mentioned in passing that a priest in Fort Simpson had once tried to commandeer her into his bedroom and toward the bed –  she  “elbowed” her way out.  I asked if she knew the name of the priest.  Indeed she did.  Father Posset.

That was back in 1963 or ’64.  The woman was a teen.  Posset was “Father Superior” at Lapointe Hall in Fort Simpson.  (Lapointe Hall, an Indian Residential School operated by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate,  opened in 1950 and closed its doors in 1970.)

The world gets smaller by the day!

I will take this opportunity to draw attention to a bit of a puzzle in Posset’s cv.   

The Belgian-born Possett served his entire priesthood in the North, however, the 1973-1974 Canadian Catholic Directory lists his location as Residence St. Louis, Rouyn, in the Diocese of Timmins. 

The address for Residence St. Louis was: 515 Cuddihy, C.P. 846, Rouyn, Quebec.  At one time St. Louis seems to have been a Classical College.  What was it when Posset took a year out from his service in the North?  Due to changes in diocesan boundaries and names over the years,  the creation of the Diocese of Rouyn-Noranda in 1974, and the fact that most documents related to the facility are in French  it has been diffcult to sort this out.

Can anyone help?  I would like to get a sense for where Posset was and what he might have been doing when he took that unusual break from his ministry.


I have been working on a number of things over the past few days which have kept me occupied ++.   I have a little more work to do on something today – will be able to report on it tomorrow.


Where is everyone?  People are contacting me privately, but it’s so eerily quiet on the blog! 

Enough for now


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1 Response to Quiet!

  1. Lina says:

    I’m sad & disappointed with the way the Catholic Church deals with all their crimes against children & vulnerable youth. The recent fiasco in Bathurst N.B. & what is going on in my own Diocese.

    It has been said before in different ways here: The Catholic Church wants & DO protect it’s own image, monies, assets & it’s clergy first.
    The innocent do not make their list. In other words,

    ‘they do not care’

    for the victims, children, it’s all about protecting their checkbook!

    No big surprise, still one would hope to see changes.

    The Church cares for the unborn but once the baby has arrived, ‘your on your own little dude or dudette, you are fair game later on for the Church!

    No matter what, the Church believes it doesn’t need to follow the law of the land & furthermore to add insult they have no problem breaking the spiritual law….ignoring the Ten Commandments.

    The Catholic Church..big on sin, big on guilt, but not so big on confessing their own failures & criminal cover-ups.

    What many Catholics do or say?

    Oh well, it’s the Church, the TRUE CHURCH, it’s God’s will. Everything is going to work out for the good. —–Tell that to a victim of clergy abuse waiting for justice.

    I tried some stuff to help but it only falls on deaf ears because the Church authorities just shoo me off like a pesky fly.

    When you have history like me that has already had a visit to a psychiatrist, doctor & so on..my credibility is in questioned & easy brushed off.

    At least..if I die tonight I will died with a clear conscience that is more than I can say for many clergy(enabler)that help cover-up crimes against clergy abuse victims.


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