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Well, I have a series of ‘problems’ – I tried for a good part of last evening to update the information on Viatorian priest Father Jean Primeau csv on The Inquiry website.  The changes just would not ‘publish’  – I could make the changes, but they weren’t coming through so you can see them.  So, I gave up.  I decided to start a new page for Father Primeau over here on Sylvia’s Site.  Here it is

 New page created for Father Jean Primeau csv 

I mentioned that there was new information on Primeau.  Indeed there is.

Primeau worked for Marcel Masse.  Believe it or not, this Roman Catholic priest and meber of the Viatorian order suddenly stopped functioning as a priest to become Chief of Staff for Marcel Masse. 

Masse at that time was a Union Nationale Member of the Quebec Legislative Assembly.  Prior to his entry into politics he taught History in Joliet, Quebec.  Masse later ran as a Progressive Conservative candidate for Frontenac.  he won the eat. In his years with the Brian Mulroney government he served variously as Minister of Communications, Minister of Energy and Minister of National Defence.)

After Masse lost his seat or perhaps around the time he failed in his bid for leadership of the Union Nationale and sat as an Independent, Primeau became involved in other secular endeavours for the Quebec government. I don’t have some of the dates, but, as you can see, Father Jean Primeau was probably flying in high political circles.  He was, amongst other things,  with the Department of International Affairs, Asia and Europe sector, and he worked in the field of educational and cultural relations with the USA, and he was “councillor  for Cultural, House of Quebec in Paris.   

This is a Roman Catholic priest?  A priest who claimed he loved to teach?

What propelled Primeau into Masse’s office and the political realm?  What kept him on the circuit as a civil servant?

Did he get into trouble?  Is that it?  Or, did he decide that he’d had enough of being a priest for a while and it was time to help out a friend in need?  

Note that even after he had finished his civil service stint and got back to being a priest he did NOT, at least not as far as I can see,  return to teaching.  He was at a parish.  St. Viateur in Outremont.

What’s this all about?

Anyway, there it is.  I had no knowledge of this little corner of Primeau’s life.  If anyone can shed more light on these years please please do. 


As Lina reminded us, don’t forget Oprah today. Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward. Part 2 of her two-part series on Male sex abuse victims. Thanks Lina 🙂

Enough for now,


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