A tough life

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Is it just me?  Is it eerily quiet? 


Mind you, I’ve come to realize that there are ebbs and flows to this whole dirty mess.  It’s uncanny, but there is almost a rhythm to it. 

So, today was a chance for me to get on top of emails and do a bit of fixing up on the site.  A welcome lull 🙂


Today, 10 November 2010, Father Philip Jacobs has a court date in Victoria.  Whatever it is about it will not be before a judge, so I doubt there will be any media coverage.   Still, if anyone hears anything please pass it on.

And speaking of Father Jacobs, I have posted a page from the Jubail University College website

Dr. Philip Jacobs page on Jubail University College website

I have also posted a few  pictures from Saudi Arabia

Pictures of Father Philip Jacobs in Saudi Arabia: a tough life!

As I say, a tough life!  This is a priest who hightailed  it out of the States on the heels of sex abuse allegations.  Then he sashayed around the Diocese of Victoria without telling a soul that he was a molester.  Then in 2002 his past caught up to him and away he went again.  (after , I might add, a police investigation of some sort which failed to find evidence for charges in the Victoria area)

And there he is over in Saudi Arabia.  Where he was before he wound up at Jubail University College I have no idea, but he was at JUC  from 2007 on. 

And doesn’t he look like life is treating him poorly?

This a priest who has a left a wake of destruction behind him.  I don’t know what I expect, but not this.  There’s something all wrong here. 

I added a couple of articles to the page, one which shows that Jacobs was released from jail on a $25,000 surety put up by friend Bruce Lemire Elmore, a Sooke resident. 

A reminder here  too of something we knew but may have forgotten:  according to Bishop Raymond Roussin, two psychiatric assessments – one on Jacobs dismissal from Ohio and one by the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development –  ruled Jacobs was a low risk to re-offend.  (a spokesman for the ministry allegedly claims there is no record of Jacobs being assessed!)

Granted the allegations have  yet to be proven in court, but I have trouble with these assurances that a molester is a low risk to re-offend.  What happens when the ‘experts’ are wrong?   Should the experts not be held accountable? I for one think they should.  If they are willing to offer advice that it’s worth taking a chance, then by golly they should be held accountable when they pooch it.  Pooching it means, quite simply, the rape of a child’s soul.  It’s never worth the risk.  Never.

Expert advice aside, surely a bishop of all people should inherently know that a clerical molester should not be and is not fit to be a priest? 

Plain and simply, Jacobs should not have been recycled.  The Bishop of Columbia should not have allowed him to leave.  Bishop Remi de Roo should not have given him sanctuary.   The flock in the Diocese of Victoria should not have been deceived. Children should not have been wilfully placed at risk. There should have been no need to consult ‘experts’.  Jacobs should have been laicized (defrocked).

Ah yes, and  there’s those pictures of Father Philip Jacobs, alias Dr. Philip Jacobs,  suffering in Saudi Arabia. A tough life!


Not a word on the Extradition of Canada’s fugitive Oblate priest,  Father Eric Dejaeger omi.  It’s all quiet, quiet quiet.  Months have gone by, and not a sign that the extradtion will proceed.    Belgian authorities asked for an extradition order from Canada in May of this year.  We are now into month SIX!  Surely they can do better than this?

A few weeks ago I posted a number of names and email addresses of politicians who should be able to push things along and ensure that this fugitive priest is returned to Canada to face his accusers.  I didn’t draw attention to the list because at that time the hope was that things were happening.  Sad to say nothing seems to be happening,

So, here’s the list:

Extradite Dejaeger!

I encourage you to send an email off to as many of these politicians as you can.  If his/her names is not there, feel free to add your own Member of Parliament to the list.  In short, contact anyone you believe  can or will do what must be done to extradite Dejaeger.

Circulate the list amongst family and friends.  Ask everyone you know who has a heart for justice and love of children to get a few emails underway.  You can send them one by one, or you can copy all the email addresses into the send box and dispatch one message simultaneously to all.  The choice is yours, but, please take just a few minutes and dash off an email.  Let’s get this extradition underway!

Enough for now


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