Quinte hasn’t served him well

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Donald Greccois due in “A” court, Belleville courthouse, this morning, 9 am.  This appearance is related to his breach charge. I had understood he still had to answer to his breach charge, however, according to Thomas Harrisit is expected that Grecco will have arranged for surety and be on his way, – pending of course his Sentencing Hearing on 26 November 2010 and Sentencing 14 December 2010

If he’s going to be out on bail I wonder where he will go? As soon as anyone gets word of the outcome let us know. 

 The 03 November 2010 picture of Grecco on the Grecco page  is courtesy of Thomas Harris.  I copied and pasted the link and he kindly allowed me to leave it there.  Thank you Thomas.

Judging by the picture I’d say Grecco’s time in Quinte hasn’t served him well.


A reminder from Lina that today’s Oprah show deals exclusively with male victims of sex abuse.  Check your TV guide so you don’t miss it.  There are Canadians on the show.  Robert Berube,sexually abused by Father Jean-Claude Etienne (Diocese of Sault Ste Marie), is one of several Canadians who participated in the show.  Berube has apparently been besieged by Canadian media over the last couple of days 


I have word that the Father Dale Crampton’s obituarywas penned by himself.  Also word of a quiet funeral at Killborn chapel. 


For those who may have missed it, an informative article on the status of Monsignor Robert Borne’s charges:

03 November 2010:  Borne trial date possibly next fall 

I also want to draw attention tothe link and comments I posted earlier re Justice Bastarache’s comments in a French-language newspaper.  This was in response to Newfoundland Dog’s concerns re the legality of not reporting the priest molesters. 

 I used the google translation so am unsure of the accuracy.  If anyone can translate with a higher degree of accuracy than google could you see if that translation is reasonable?

Enough for now,


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