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Court updates:

(1) Father William Hodgson (Hod) Marshallcsb

Sorry, I’m all over the map on this one. Word from the courthouse in Toronto was that there was nothing scheduled for Hod today.  On the other hand I now have word from a reliable source that there IS Toronto activity today, that being to set another date :).  In the grand scheme of things it probably doesn’t make a lot of difference to anything, but it is nice to have accurate  information handy for those who might be inclined to pop into the courthouse to see what’s going on, plus it’s a bit of a learning curve for us all to follow the long windy path from charges to trial.

(2) Monsignor Robert Borne

Monsignor Borne’s next court date is 10 am, 15 March 2011.

The 01 November date was to set dates; it was set aside because the dates were able to be set without the presence of lawyers in the courtroom.

Two days have been booked for pre-trial motions:  15 and 16 March 2011.   The fact that two days have been booked does not necessarily mean the motions will occupy two days of court time, only that two days may be required.

The motions will be heard in open court. 

So, a long 18 week wait lies ahead for those who came forward with their sex abuse allegations in the Spring of  2009.   That will be nearly two years from the time Borne was first charged.  And that March 2011 date is still not trial.

As always, my heart goes out to those who courageously came forward and now must bide their time waiting for justice to be done.

Enough for now,


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1 Response to Updates

  1. Sylvia says:

    I just received word that there was an error re Hod’s 03 November Toronto court date. It is in fact 03 December 2010.

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