Are there victims there?

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I have spent a good part of the day sorting out court dates.

Here is where things stand:

(1)  Monsignor Robert Borne

I am awaiting a call back from the Pembroke courthouse. 

(2)  Father William Hodgson Marshall csb:

confusion.  As soon as I have word of the previously scheduled 03 November 2010  Toronto court date one way or the other I will pass it along.

(3)  Father Phillip Jacobs

next court date 10 November 2010 (Victoria, BC)  – whatever it entails it will not be before a judge.

Since he was charged in August of this year Jacobs has had 6 court dates and three Crowns.  Apparently a permanent Crown has not yet been assigned to handle the case.

According to the courts, Jacobs faces charges of  one count of each of the following offences:

  • sexual interference
  • sexual assault
  • sexual interference
  • sexual touching

It certainly looks as though Father Phillip Jacobs is one and the same as Dr. Phillip Jacobs, the Department Coordinator for the English Language Department at Jubail University College in Saudi Arabia.  According to bloggers on this site, Jacobs taught at the college from 2007 to 2010.

In 1996, Jacobs, a known clerical  molester,  was recycled from Ohio to the Diocese of Victoria.   News of his past caught up with him in Canada  2002.  At that time he left the diocese. It would seem now that Jacobs spent at least some of the years between 2002 and his arrest in 2010 in Saudi Arabia.

The current charges relate to allegations of sexual abuse during his tenure with the Diocese of Victoria.

One can’t help but wonder about the safety and well-being of children during Jacob’s stay in Saudi Arabia.  Are there victims there?


Note the following Press release from the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick:

02 November 2010:  Bathurst Diocese Press Release: “Conciliation Process Nears Completion”

I had my say in the comments section.  I think the wagons are circling

Enough for now


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3 Responses to Are there victims there?

  1. Sylvia says:

    I am quite certain there is no Toronto court date for Hod today. I called the courthouse – not listed.

  2. Snowdog says:

    Hi Sylvia, I am not sure again where your information has come from as to the court date for Borne on November 1 as I have never been advised that there was such a date, the crown has advised me that the next date will be in March for their submission to allow “similar act evidence” to be heard at trial which is set for April, however I have emailed to ask if such a court appearance on November 1 took place which to me would be odd as I am advised when there is court appearances.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Hi Snowdog

    I had a call back from the court this morning. I blogged what I was told here There was an 01 Nov. date but it was set aside – it apparently was simply to set dates and it was determined that that could be done without need for lawyers present in the courtroom.

    Is an April trial a certainty? Has the court been booked and specific dates set?

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