Court time is expensive

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Two notes:

(1) Father William Allen’s next court date is 29 November 2010, Courtroom #5, Ottawa, Ontario –  “to be spoken to.”  His most recent court date was 26 October 2010.

It’s amazing is it not how many court dates come and go before a trial date is finally set?  Court time is both expensive and scarce.  I am starting to wonder  if there is not a more efficient and cost-effective process to get these men to trial in a more expeditious fashion? 

(2)  I am told by a reliable source that Father Hod Marshall’s Toronto court date of 03 November 2010 still stands. I don’t believe that this at all negates all charges being transferred to Windsor butthink it  may be a necessary step in the process of transferring the charges.  Hod’s lawyer did say that it could take months to effect the transfer so no surprise that it’s not all done.  If I hear of a cancellation I will pass on the word. 


Any word yet on what happened in court today re Monsignor Robert Borne

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