Why the reluctance?

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I’ve just posted two articles.  One related to the protracted sentencing of convicted molester Don Grecco; the other to another priest who seems to have absconded while on bail:

(1)  30 October 2010:  Grecco ‘The author of his own misfortune’ 

Some questions:

(i) How much did it cost the taxpayer’s of Ontario to keep the courtroom running for the four hours  Brian Donnelly pleaded for clemency for Grecco?  

(ii) Who is picking up the tab for Don Grecco’s defence? Does anyone know?

(iii) From whence comes the notion that a molester is a low risk to re-offend because the crimes for which he was convicted happened 25 years ago? If the charges dated back 15 years would he be considered a greater risk to re-offend?  If they dated back five years would he be considered a sure risk to re-offend?  How, in the mind of a defence lawyer, does this work?

(iv) What does  “low” risk mean when it comes to a known molester and children? 

(v) If Grecco is truly contrite and his apologies to a victim were sincere, why did he allow his lawyer to publicly minimize the abuse and thereby cause further pain to his victims?

(2) 29 October 2010: ” Elderly priest facing fraud charge goes missing

Can anyone sort this one out? 

This is related to fraud charges against a Roman Catholic priest from Quebec.

According to the media the Crown is reluctant to to ask for a warrant now.   Also, according tot he media, in May of this year a judge declared that Father Gilles Dube absconded, –  but the judge was reluctant to issue a warrant until Father Gilles Dube’s lawyer could get to the bottom of why he was a no show at his preliminary hearing.

As condition of his bail, Dube was supposed to check in with Quebec police monthly.  According to the Surete du Qubec, Dube stopped reporting in April .  That’s April, May, June, July, August, September, October – no sign of Dube.  But,  nothing was done about his violation of bail and failure to report until now? 

So, where oh where is Father Gilles Dube?  And why the reluctance to issue a warrant?  And why the failure to pick him for breach of bail conditions?


I have added a few bits and pieces of information on the Father James Kneale page.  It’s in the back of my mind that there was another priest who regularly kept company with Kneale, Kinght and Grecco and that he perhaps committed suicide.   Is my memory serving me correctlyt?


Father Leo Campbell csb served as Director of the Columbus Boys Camp from 1970 to 1978.


I have been told that the New Brunswick Court of Appeal heard and has reserved judgement on the appeal of Father Charles Picot’s acquittal.  That is not unusual.  Hopefully the decision will be rendered in the not too distant future.  As soon as I hear anything I will pass on the word. Keep the complainant who appealed the acquittal in your prayers.  I am sure this must be a particularly difficult wait.

A reminder here that retired Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache will present his recommendations for compensation of victims to the Diocese of Bathurst on Monday.  A reminder too that Bastarche has said he can not release the names of the accused clergy. 

We know that there are victims of Fathers Noel and Picot.  We also know there are proposals for settlements  related to other unidentified clerical molesters.  Bastarche has said it will be up to the bishop to decide whether or not make those names public.

Will Bishop Vienneau do the right thing?  Will we expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing who have been preying on the flock?

Let’s pray that he does. And let’s pray for all the victims in the Bathurst Diocese, those who have come forward, and those who are trying to summon the courage to come forward.  And let’s not forget the victims of Don Grecco who have been forced to wait yet again to see justice done.  Indeed, we must regularly remember and pray for all victims of clerical sexual abuse. 

Enough for now,


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