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An update

(1) The appeal of Father Charles Picot’s acquittal was scheduled to heard today  in Fredericton by the New Brunswick Court of Appeal.  I see no reports in the news as yet. 

(2) Ex priest and convicted molester Don Grecco has a court date tomorrow in Picton, Ontario on his breach charge.    Two days later (29 Oct)  he will finally be sentenced for his crimes of sexual abuse of young boys while he was a priest 

(3) The Bishop of Kamloops is apparently in stable condition.  Reports on the attack became more bizarre by the by the minute, from word that the assailant stabbed the bishop in the throat with a pen and drank or tasted his blood his blood, to allegedly tearing the door off a microwave oven to use as a weapon on the bishop.   

 26 October 2010:  Assailant looked “like an average guy” 

The bishop is lucky to be alive.   

(4)  I managed to work my way through a few of the recently released documents.  One small Canada connection…. 

Documents related to Father Bernard Waltos OFM Conv , a Conventual Fransiscan of California, are posted in the collection

Waltos attended St Basil’s in Toronto 1970-1971, a seminary affiliated with  St. Michaels College. (That’s the university, not St. Michael’s College School which has recently been in the news with the charges against Father Hod Marshall csb.  Both facilities however are operated by the Basilians)

There is no indication what the allegations were against Waltos, and in fact this is the first public indication that Church officials in the Diocese of San Diego were aware of sexual misconduct  on the part of Waltos. (All documents released were related to priests known by the diocese to have had “credible allegations” on record) 

(5)  No word back from computer gurus.  I should hear something this week. 

(6)  A touch of the flu.  Husband came down with it last night.  He stayed home today.  This afternoon it hit me.  We are quite a pair 🙂  Not deathly ill by any means, but sick enough to feel absolutely miserable. Thankfully the worst of these flus is over and done with in 24 hours.  Tomorrow will be better “)

Enough for now

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