Cross my fingers

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I contacted an expert today and we discussed what I need to do and what is and is not possible.  By the sound of it things should be able to be changed over relatively easily – there will be a degree of work I will have to do to adapt to the new layout but if it gets done it should be well worth it.  I may have to put a picture of something or other  at the top of the page.  I really don’t want that, but if I must I will have to dig about to find something suitable.  I am waiting for word back with a quote and, if acceptable, date for execution of the changeover.

I’m crossing my fingers 🙂


Another article on the stabbing of the Bishop of Kamploops.  My but I hope the bishop’s assailant isn’t a sex abuse victim who just lost control completely.  Here’s the latest

25 October 2010:  Man accused of stabbing Kamloops  Catholic bishop appears in court

Enough for now


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  1. Lina says:

    What happened to this Bishop of Kamploops is terrible & very sad. His attacker has mental problems that for sure. The attacker’s family was trying desperately to get help for him. What I read, this attacker’s family are hurting too.

    I know Canada can use more funding for mental health care & more health care providers.

    How can a person like you & I & others here can protect one self from somebody in that mental condition? We can’t foresee such a crime. It is a hit & miss thing. You wish & pray for all involve & thank God you & your loved ones do not fall victims to that kind of an senseless attack.

    I believe most people are okay(I pray they are, giving them the benefit) that’s what keeps me moving forward & face my fears. I still try to take certain common sense precautions.

    peace & stay safe!

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