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Today I am going to spend whatever time I must to get resolution of my WordPress/blog software  issues underway.   However, I must first draw attention to two articles I have just posted:

(1) 24 October 2010: RCMP propose assault charge in Kamloops bishop beating 

This is bizarre!

The Bishop of Kamloops, B.C. severely beaten.  A priest with a dislocated shoulder.  And the latter afraid to answer a ‘furious’ knock on the Cathedral door because “It was getting dark.”

What constitutes a ‘furious’ knock on  the door of a cathedral? Would  someone desparatley seeking Last Rites for a dying relative  knock furiously?  I think they might.

Anyway, it’s all a little bizarre.

I believe prayers are needed for all involved in this altercation.

(2) 24 October 2010: San Diego Diocese Sex Abuse Case: Lawyers Release 10,000 Unsealed Documents

Would that we had such disclosure here in Canada! 

 I haven’t read the multitude of documents which are now posted on the BishopAccountability.org website, but will certainly do so as soon as I can. The release was a non-monetary provision of a San Diego sex abuse lawsuit settlement. Way to go!

The following link to the documents is at the foot of the article: http://www.bishop-accountability.org/docs/san_diego/

Lest some think we don’t have such situations of cover-up and recycling here in Canada, we certainly do.  I am at this minute thinking of  the comment Glenna recently posted on this site.  It lead me to re-read the article on the Father James Scoles page.  Take a moment to read it.  Situations such as this have been going on in Canada for years.

Enough for now,


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