A sadist

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I am getting a page together on Father Martin Houston.  It’s taking a little longer than I had hoped, but I am managing to get the information together.  I hope to speak to a couple of individuals tomorrow who can give me further information.  I have already been told the Houston was a sadist – he used to tie  string around the penis of young boys and then pull the string.

I shall carry on.  Any information on this man most welcome



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2 Responses to A sadist

  1. Cheryl Helena Delacroix Thomson says:

    You’re in my prayers today. Houston is deceased, correct? Who were the enablers, and from whom can the victims obtain redress? What important work this is.

  2. 1yellowknife says:

    Martin Houston (died August 25, 2010) was known as the Devil of Grollier Hall.
    Note: RC Grollier Hall Residential school for Indian and Inuit, Inuvik, Beaufort Delta Region, Northwest Territories. During his time in the north, Martin Houston was the Grollier Hall residence supervisor and he was a sexual sadist focussed on young boys. He is a convicted child abuser x 2 for his abuse of young boys in his care at the Grollier Hall residence.
    He was ordained a priest AFTER being convicted of and serving prison time (1st conviction) for abusing children at Grollier Hall.
    He was ordained by the Archbishop of St Boniface, Antoine Hacault. His funeral mass at the St Boniface Cathedral was presided over by the Archbishop of St Boniface, Albert Legatt, DD. Survivors report that he was declared a dangerous sexual offenders by the court. From what is told of him by his NWT victims and their families, the designation ”The Devil of Grollier Hall” was well deserved.

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