Court dates

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Two court dates of note: 

(1)  Father William Hodgson Marshall csb has a court date scheduled today, 13 October 2010 in Windsor.  (9:30 am courtroom # 6 for disclosure) 

(2) Don Grecco is scheduled to re-appear in Belleville court tomorrow (Thursday 14 October) for another bail hearing. He has been unable to find anyone to vouch for him 

I have a number of others to catch up on.  If anyone knows the next court dates for Father William Allen, Roger Bazin, Robert Borne, Phillip Jacobs and Raymond-Marie Lavoie could you please post or send me an email,-  it would save me a lot of time :). 


Apparently there was a CBC radio report on convicted child molester Father Michael Walsh on Sunday past.  It is unclear exactly what was said other than something to the effect that Archbishop Currie said he’d been to St. Brendan’s and that most of the people had no problem with Fr. Walsh, and that they were delighted he was there; and that he is one of their own.  The bishop also apparently said a few people were objecting, and  that seven or eight people came to see him.   

I was unable to track that report down online, nor was I able to find any other coverage.  I will not for obvious reasons convey what I have heard of the one-on-one visits. 

Where does the Archbishop’s visit leave the poor souls in St. Brendan’s?  I am hoping that the days of Father Walsh concelebrating, hearing confessions and saying Mass on weekdays are over.  Archbishop Currie implied as much 06 October 2010. I pray that that is the case.  We shall see… 


For those who missed the previous blog, convicted child molester Father Dale Crampton is dead.  I have it from reliable sources that he committed suicide yesterday morning.  

May God have mercy on his soul.


Have you been watching the rescue in Chile?  I must admit I started and was promptly glued to the TV.  What an amazing feat.  A miracle to see those men emerging from the bowels of the earth.  


Enough for now,



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4 Responses to Court dates

  1. John says:

    I am just wiping the last tear away from watching a truly amazing event. I had my breath taken away and tears well up in my eyes each and every time the Phoenix Capsule broke ground, and each time that the Chilean miners were reunited with their families and loved ones. 21 hours ago the first miner rose to the surface and a few minutes ago the last of them were lifted to safety. I doubt that I will ever witness an event of this magnitude. It was a rescue beyond any rescue than has ever taken place. It is a story of human triumph, perserverance and spirit that will probably never be matched. Those that know me know my limitations, but I cannot help but say that a power greater than ourselves was hard at work here.

    John Mac Donald

  2. michael says:

    All the miners are strong in catholic faith.We canadian catholics, especially who write on this blog, should learn from these miners about faith and trust in catholic church and God. Even Anderson Cooper of CNN quoted the traped miners words yesterday: <there were not thirty three people down there, but thirty four ie God with them all these 69 days. In his speech tonight I could not count how many times the president as well as the rescued miners mentioned God's name????!!!That is tru faith. They too know that there are issues in the church, but still they trust the good priests, bishops and holy Father Pope Benedict.
    Some of the people writes on this blog seems to have some psychological and mental problems.What Tim wrote on this blog, seems to be correct. The faith of the miners increased my trust in pope,bishops and the wonderful and holy priests I come across every week.No matter whatever you write on this blog the fath of the good catholic are not going to be shattered. People are not stupid, they have the intelligence to know who is good and who is bad. Catholic church under the successors of St.Peter will always remain as the strongest religion in the world. Some of you are simply waisting your time attacking the catholic church.
    I do not expect a polite words reply to my words. It has shown in the past some of the people tru colors lo!! But it will show who really are the people write negative statements here about catholic church?That is the reason many do not pay attention to what you write.

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Sylvia. I heard there was something in a recent edition of the Eganville Leader indicating that Borne’s next court date is November 1. (I haven’t seen the actual article myself though.) It is my understanding that they will set the actual trial start date on that day and that it likely won’t happen until the new year. Wish I could give you something more definitive.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Julie. That was enough to allow me to get the article from the Eganville Leader. Here it is

    You were absolutley right – the trial date is to be set 01 November 2010 with trial probably set to begin in the New Year.

    Thanks to the Eganville Leader for that info 🙂

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