What pray tell was going on?

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I have  posted the following pdf files related to Mike Blum’s lawsuit against  convicted child molester Don Grecco and St. Catharine’s abdicating Bishop James Wingle:

Michael Blum age 14 – the age Father Don Grecco first violated Michael’s innocence 

Michael Blum Victim Impact Statement 

20 September 2010:  Michael Blum Statement of Claim 

Take a few minutes to read Mike’s poignant Victim Impact Statement.  He is addressing his comments directly to Grecco.  He painfully recaps so well the devastation and destruction caused by Don Grecco, and the terrible sense of desolation of the victim.

Note then in the Statement of Claim that even while he was molesting Mike Grecco continued to hear the boy’s confessions and to say Mass.  Not uncommon at all.  What a sacrilege.  And think what this does to a young boy’s faith.

Note too that Wingle allegedly failed to inform police that another victim had previously come forward.

There is much to say, and much has been or will be re-capped in the media coverage.  What has particularly caught my eye in the Statement of Claim however are the following allegations contained in paras #33 and 34:

33.  The Plaintiff pleads that the Diocese was negligent and failed in its duty to the Plaintiff, the particulars of which are set out below

(d) it failed to document, discipline or expel Grecco for his shortcomings as a seminarian;

(e) it failed to follow it’s own internal policies in ordaining Grecco to the priesthood”;

(f)   it failed to warn Grecco’s immediate supervisors, parishioners and others who come into contact with Grecco of his difficulties as a seminarian;

(f)   it failed to warn Grecco’s immediate supervisors, parishioners, students and others who may come into contact with Grecco of his difficulties as a seminarian

(o)  it failed to screen and/or monitor the character, sexual orientation and sexual activity of Grecco;

(p) it failed to warn the Plaintiff and others of the propensities of Grecco;

34.  In addition to the above, the Plaintiff pleads that the Diocese knew that Grecco had the propensity to engage in such deviant behaviour and that he was, in fact, engaging in such deviant behaviour because of the following: 

(a)  Grecco’s difficulties as a seminarian’

(b) Grecco’s difficulties with alcohol;

© Grecco’s difficulties with his sexuality;

(d) the concerns  of other clergy, parishioners, students and others;

(h) the fact that parents and others at Grecco’s previous parish postings had complained about his actions with young people;

(i) the fact that he had been reported to Diocesan officials for sexual misconduct in previous postings;  

What, pray tell, was going on the seminary?  I realize these allegations have not been proven in court, but it certainly sounds as though Donald Grecco was one of the many men who should never have made it through the seminary, and who absoulutely should never have been ordained.

Finally, well done Mike Blum.  Stay strong.  Others will gain courage and strength from your example.  My prayers, and those of many others I am sure, are with you 

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4 Responses to What pray tell was going on?

  1. Mike says:

    All of this should be like a trumpet blast to the church. Wake up! Despite the warnings of Jesus and the apostles that false teachers would rise up, there is a continued denial that the laity even have the ability to discern the possibility that someone in leadership is amiss. May we lead our children to a knowledge of Jesus and that the Holy Spirit would gift them with the discernment to flee evil when it is present.

  2. Lina says:

    Michael Blum, I am so sorry this evil, upon evil happened to you. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    This so call priest and this coward Bishop needs to face justice!

    I pray the supporters of Bishop James Wingle will see him (as soon as possible) that he is an enabler of child abuse.

  3. Mike says:

    I acknowledge that these are yet only allegations against the accused. I too pray for healing and comfort for Mr. Blum and his family. Nevertheless … the call to trust God above men is paramount.

  4. kabbie says:

    What a well written victim impact statement!

    Mr. Blum, thank you for your courage in coming forward. I truly believe that God has a special pile of millstones waiting for these evil cowards.

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