Interesting retreat

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A busy day yesterday.  Unexpected and most welcome company in the evening.

A few quick comments before I call it a day.


Father William Allen had a court date scheduled for yesterday.  Does anyone have any information? 


Archbishop Martin W Bishop Currie (Diocese Grand Falls and Archdiocese St. John’s Newfoundland) is on retreat with his priests in the Diocese of Grand Falls.  Convicted child molester Father Michael J Walsh is apparently there too.  

I was told by a reliable source that the retreat is being conducted Bishop Richard Grecco.  Grecco, many will recall, is Bishop of the Diocese of Charlottetown PEI.  He is also  brother of ex-priest and convicted molester Don Grecco

Some may also recall that Father George Smith, a priest from the Diocese of St. George’s Newfoundland  who had sex abuse allegations against him reported to the dioceses’ bishop of the day, Raymond Lahey, was recycled to PEI.  Sometime in the late 1990s Smith became incardinated in the Diocese of Charlottetown, PEI.   In May of this year, when a man came forward with childhood sex abuse allegations against him, Smith was functioning as a priest in PEI. The investigation on the Smith allegations is ongoing.

I have no idea what the theme of the retreat is.

When the priest’s retreat is over Archbishop Currie will be catching the ferry to head for St. Brendan’s to do damage control.

My instinct is that once Currie is on the island he will do what he can to convince those poor souls that he has all the faith in the world in Father Walsh, and perhaps tell them that Father Walsh is truly a wonderful man and holy priest who made a little ‘mistake’ or two, and that Father Walsh he has been totally ‘rehabilitated,’ and that Father Walsh has suffered grievously, and that Father Walsh has paid for his crimes,  and that he who is without sin should cast the first stone, and that we are all sinners, and that Father Walsh is only human,  and that they really must find it in their hearts to forgive Father Walsh for molesting those boys, and that Father Walsh would never ever lay a wayward hand on a single child. 

I pray I am wrong.  I really do hope and pray that the Archbishop is taking the ferry to St. Brendan’s to apologize to those poor souls for hoisting Father Walsh upon them, and to advise them that he has actually revoked Father Walsh’s faculties so that this convicted molester can never again say Mass or hear confessions.  I hope and pray too he is going to apologize to all Walsh’s victims for so callously minimizing their abuse by recycling Walsh. 

 I wonder what Father Walsh will be doing while Archbishop Currie heads over to the island.  Will he perchance catch the same ferry as the bishop?  or, will he wait back in Grand Falls/Windsor for an all clear? 

We shall see. 

Trip to St. Brendan’s aside, it should be an interesting retreat.  There should also be a few interesting conversations over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.  I would guess too that Archbishop Currie will be the beneficiary of a few words of advice as to how to handle ‘those difficult Catholics in St. Brendan’s.’ 


A few comments on some media articles posted yesterday 

(1)  04 October 2010:  Grecco, Wingle named in victim lawsuit 

Good for you Michael Blum.  Good for you. I and I know many others will be waiting for the reports of the press conference.

(2)  20 September 2010:  Iglulik priest turns himself in 

I just came across this yesterday.  Note that according to this article on 20 September 2010:  “The federal justice department has not yet filed an extradition request to bring Dejaeger to Canada to face the charges” and chief federal prosecutor Barry McLaren s quoted as follows: ““There are discussions going on between the department of justice and the Belgium authorities about whether extradition is a possibility,”

Whether extradition is a possibility?! 

How long will/can this go on?  What exactly is the problem?

Perhaps, just perhaps, someone has by now decided that extradion IS possible?

(3)  03 October 2010: NS pedophile case deserves inquiry: group 

Now this puts another slant onto the Eric Dejaeger mess.  This is not about a priest, but it is about a molester who very successfully fled the country. 

Unbelievable as it may seem this fugitive from justice managed to have his Canadian passport renewed, not once, but TWICE.  And he made a number of visits to Canada after he had fled!!!!

Just read it and tell me we don’t have some serious problems when it comes to dealing with child molesters who flee the country.

Interesting, for what it’s worth, that both MacIntosh and Dejaeger successfully fled the country in 1995.

Anyway, I now find myslef wondering if Dejaeger made any visits back to Canada?  It would not surprise me in the least.  If MacIntosh managed it, why not Dejaeger?

Thank you prima facia for drawing that important story to my attention.

 (4) 04 October 2010:  A new helping hand 

That was open house.  Now on to the grand opening.

Enough for now,



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6 Responses to Interesting retreat

  1. prima facie says:

    “Prejudgement, justifiable concern or conspiracy theorist”

    I accept the fact that what disturbs me the very most, is when I witness potentially vulnerable people being exploited or about to be exploited-misled. The scenario you present Sylvia in your blog for the Parish of St. Brendan’s meeting with Archbishop Currie seems more like a script for some Hollywood “thriller” as opposed to a friendly “fireside chat”, so-to-speak.
    But-who am I to prejudge the intentions of Archbishop Currie-please Lord, forgive me.
    What am I to think. What influences my thinking?
    What influences my thinking is the knowledge of history, personal experiences, the pattern of abuse-denial and cover-up in similar situations and the current climate.
    I urge St. Brendan’s to welcome Archbishop Currie, but to be “present” and aware. I urge people to trust their own feelings-for only they know the truths-I truly believe God will protect us, but I believe, we must elect to trust God’s Will for us. NO MAN-NO MAN, is Greater than God.

    In times of peril, fear and uneasiness, I take a peaceful, “quiet” time by myself and reflect-think on “my concerns”. I thank God that I have been blessed for having another day and for making new friends. I know that somewhere, someone loves me or cares for me. I pray that I recognize God’s guidance and God’s Will for me. I reflect on the “truths” and what I believe “the right thing to do” is. I pray for God’s guidance. I receive “the Message”-not in mortal words or from a voice in the Heavens-the answer I receive is simple….then, I can elect to follow that “truth” or take the “answer” and re-form it into “MY WILL”.
    I urge people to trust “the message” in yourselves-“trust God’s Will”.
    You know, I wish I could meet the ferry and travel with the Archbishop to St. Brendan’s…not for intimidation or to instil fear in anyone—-but simply as a peaceful gesture… of support…

  2. Lina says:

    prima facie (Post#1)

    You have great insight prima facie!

    “In times of peril, fear and uneasiness, I take a peaceful, “quiet” time by myself and reflect-think on “my concerns”.

    “I urge people to trust “the message” in yourselves-”trust God’s Will”. etc…

    I am happy I came across this website awhile back. I felt so alone with my thoughts, my concerns, hope & fears. So many folks are just too busy or just do not care, it’s not their problem, sadly, it is a reality they have that right.

    We can all agree to disagree and what’s important to remember to stick to the subject matter(like Sylvia said on many occasions) and not to be derailed what this site is all about.

    Thanks for what you wrote ‘prima facie’. It is a keeper post.

    Thanks again, to Sylvia for this website, a true blessing! I am sure many are being helped in ways we will never know.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Yes prima facie, well said. As I said in a blog of today, happliy I was in error in my speculation.

    Wouldn’t I too love to be at the ferry to travel with the Archbishop en route to St. Brendan’s on Friday – a show of support for the poor souls. Ah, if only there not so many miles

    I have posted a new article from today’s Telegram annd blogged under “Take that to the bank.”

  4. Sylvia says:

    Bishop Richard Grecco is no stranger to Newfoundland. He was in Conception Harbour last year (21-24 April) for a meeting of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services. This picture shows he and Archbishop Currie and others in attendance at the meeting

  5. Sylvia says:

    Father Walsh’s car was spotted at the retreat centre.

    All I can say is it must be quite the few days of recollection and renewal – Bishop Currie taking times outs for media interviews trying to justify hoisting a convicted clerical molester on the poor souls in St. Brendan’s, and Father Walsh wondering why he can no longer “assist” at Mass, and Bishop Richard Grecco getting word that his brother, convicted molester Don Grecco, was arrested today.

    Oh my! oh my!

  6. Ann says:

    I feel for Bishop Grecco…it must be an incredibly empty feeling to learn your brother is sick–and that you never really knew who really was at all…all his childhood memories, and even ones later in life must seem like a lie to the Bishop…Don Grecco obviously left more than his victims scarred for life.

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