Few good memories

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A few new articles on New to the Site.  I will make quick mention of these three:
It’s rather interesting to see here that Father Eric Dejaeger,  Canada’s fugitive Oblate, was perhaps not held in high esteem in Igloolik. 
It’s also intersesting to read the recollections of one woman
“What I remember is that he wore very sexy jeans for a priest. It seems ridiculous to say that, but I remember he wore very tight jeans, which seemed unusual for a priest,”
(2) 23 September 2010:  Abuse help plan flawed: survivors
What can I say?  One of my deep concerns throughout the inquiry was the lack of services for male sex abuse victims.
Nothing has changed. 
(3) 09 May 2010: Sex Offenders living next door 
Excellent letter!  It was published several months ago, but, no matter, an excellent letter.   I also attached a second letter by Sean McAllister. 
Note that Bishop Lahey was spotted trolling down Albert Street in Ottawa.  Wonder who was keeping an eye on him?  And, wonder what treasures he was carrying in the backpack?
Enough for now
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