Somtimes it gets to me

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I will be out for part of the day.  Before I head off, two articles: 

(1) 24 September 2010:  Windsor man shattered by alleged assaults of Rev. William Hodgson  

 The pain.  I can feel it.  It is palpable.

The damage done.

 And Hod can’t make up his mind if he’s guilty or not?

I am at a loss for words.  I ache for these victims.

Pray for Andrew.  Pray for all the victims.

A $50 M inquiry in response to allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up.  Funded by Ontario taxpayers. 
For this?!
Yes, sometimes it all gets to me.  It really does.
Enough for now
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2 Responses to Somtimes it gets to me

  1. mata galina says:

    I am one of Marshall’s many Sudbury victims.Recently, i had Mr.Ted Holland over to my home for dinner.We had not seen each other in over 40 years.I am not represented by any lawyer or law firm,nor have i filed any legal actions against the Basilians or my church.Any talk of collusion or cash grab under the circumstances,ought to be regarded as frivolous and vexatious.I have made public my sexual molestation complaints since December 1970,at which time i was shown the door.Expelled just after my thirteenth birthday.Obviously,i was a child when the serial sexual predator Hod Marshall abused me-i was 12 years old.Despite the years that have passed i remain single-minded in my determination to see justice done.Most importantly,in my case,there was collusion by other Basilian priests who in fact enabled the pedophile to carry out his dirty deeds.Marshall had help,and some of these persons are alive-now that’s what is referred to as collusion-persons conspiring to defraud another of their rights.The Sudbury police are actively investigating these complaints.I have spoken to the chief psychiatrist regarding future complainants in order that they can receive immediate counselling and that’s a go.The Sudbury police and i have independently made an approach to the Crown Attorney;s office for a publication ban on victims and witnesses-will confirm this later.We know that there are numerous victims here in Sudbury,especially given that this serial sexual predator spent the better part of 20 years here.I’m trying to work within the system to make it easy for victims to tell their story and maintain their status and dignity.

  2. Sylvia says:

    It is such a relief, mata galina, to hear that there is an on going investigation by the Sudbury police. And, you are to be commended, both for your perseverance and for your efforts to ensure that all victims who come forward will have immediate access to counselling.

    I gather you were actually expelled from the school for daring to speak up?

    Who was the principal when you were expelled?

    One last word, I hope that if indeed, as was reported, there is one officer on the force who has belittled complainants that he will be dealt with and that those two men are redirected to someone on the force who is better versed in dealing with adult male victims of childhood sexual abuse.

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