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Several things of both import and interest:

(1)  More charges against Basilian priest, Father Hod Marshall

 22 September 2010: Toronto Police Service News Release: Man faces two charges in sexual assault investigation 

22 September 2010: Fifty-year-old sex abuse scandal hits St. Mike’s 

These are the first sex abuse charges against Father Marshall stemming from his time teaching at St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.  As I said elsewhere, well done to the man who summoned up the courage to have these charges laid.  I encourage other former St. Michael’s College students with allegations against Hod Marshall to contact the Toronto police.  The following is an excerpt from the Toronto police press release providing contact information:

Police believe there may be more victims and are urging anyone with information to contact them at 416-808-7474, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at www.222tips.com, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave A Tip on Facebook.

(2)  More on our fugitive Oblate priest, Father Eric Dejaeger omi

(i) A number of people who follow this site are fluent in Belgian, Flemish and/or Dutch.  I am posting links to two TV Belgian clips regarding Dejaeger.  They are about a week old but still of interest:

The second clip shows Lieve Halsberghe being interviewed.  Lieve is my Belgian contact.  She’s quite an amazing and tenacious young lady 🙂

(ii) Regarding the young boy I had alluded to previously….

Well, I had forgotten completely that the the young boy taken to Belgium is without doubt the victim from Baker Lake referenced in 20 April 1990:R. v. Dejaeger – Reasons for Judgement .  Note this excerpt:

The victim was one J.U., who was about ten years old when his parents gave him into the care and custody of Father Dejaeger to help around the mission. This boy stayed with Eric Dejaeger at the mission residence for several years. 

  In August 1989 this boy told the police that, starting when he was ten or twelve years old, he and Father Dejaeger had sexual relations until last year when the boy was 17 years old. The two of them slept together, showered together, and the sexual activity involved masturbation and anal intercourse.

This sexual activity took place at the mission residence here in Baker Lake, and in other homes in Baker Lake where Father Dejaeger was housesitting from time to time, and also in a number of places in Europe when Father Dejaeger took a trip to  Europe and took the young boy with him. 

 So, yes, the boy was without doubt molested in Belgium.  I believe the statute of limitations in Belgium would have expired long ago so it is highly doubtful there will be any charges laid in Belgium.  

But, what of Canada?  Obviously the judge was fully aware of the fact that the boy had been taken to Europe by Dejaeger and that the boy had been molested during the trip.  Does that not warrant some sort of additional charge? It seems to me it should, but I don’t know what and haven’t had a chance to look through the criminal code.

Anyway, that is a bit of an aside.  What I really want to get to is the fact that I finally have the translation of the words spoken to a reporter by a priest or monk at the Oblate residence where Dejaeger resides.  The exchange transpired after a film crew arrived at the house in  Blanden.

This is so disgusting.  Here it is:

Oblate:  “We do realize very well, yes yes , we do realize it very well, it is a pity that more and more elements of the truth are surfacing because this man really has started a new life here.”

 Reporter: “..but you understand that the victims… ”

Oblate: “Yes, I agree, we also need to take into account the victims. That is a problem, however. We do know little or nothing about the victims.”

Reporter: “Of course”.

Reporter: “…I do know that he came here once with a little eskimo and it could be that he was one of his little clients. But yes, a little eskimo that was wonderful, because of that we got to see an eskimo boy.”

“That was wonderful, because of that we got to see and eskimo boy”!

Can you believe it? 

My goodness, the boy was being molested!  By an Oblate priest!  By Father Dejaeger!  And this Oblate priest or brother is delighted that he and his fellow Oblates got to see and eskimo boy?

Is this sick or what?

Is it any wonder we have problems in the Church with this kind of thinking?

(iii)  Bishop Vangheluwe

One final thing.  I hear that there is at the very least an indirect connection between Dejaeger and Belgium’s disgraced bishop and clerical molester Roger Vangheluwe

Dejaeger apparently taught Vangheluwe’s nephew catechism.  That was, as I understand it, before Dejaeger came to Canada (around 1977).  And, more to the point, as I understand it, the nephew was the very boy Vangheluwe molested for years.

It wasn’t private catechism instruction by any means, – still, the very fact that Dejaeger was instructing the boy is yet another reminder that it is indeed a small small world, is it not?

More on this as I get word.

(3) Abysmal 

I have been working at adding pages and further information for those on the Accused list.  There is still a lot to do there – I am picking away at it when I get the chance.

Yesterday I started a page for convicted molester Father Richard Boll.  I still have to go through my paper files to see if I have any news clippings on the charges, but I did note that Father Boll is still incardinated in the Diocese of London, Ontario, and that his address is the same as that of the London diocesan centre.

Is Father Boll, a convicted molester, ‘doing’ canon law for the diocese?  Does anyone know?  Does anyone know what exactly this convicted child molester is doing as a priest in the Diocese of London?

If perchance Boll is offering his canonical expertise to the diocese, take a look at this:

November 2000:  An Abysmal Performance 

This man actually received his credentials in canon law from Ottawa’s St. Paul University! 

Have you ever seen anything so pathetic?

An abysmal performance indeed.

And right on the heels of this disgraceful showing Boll was charged!

Please, if anyone knows what Boll is doing now, pass on the word.

(4)  The RCMP “review” is finished

John MacDonald meets with the RCMP late this afternoon to get a debriefing or report or something on the RCMP’s ‘review’ of John’s allegations of Obstruction of Justice against two sitting judges and one Crown attorney.

It has been over three years since John first began to pursue this course of action, and nearly 18 months since the RCMP was called in to “review” his allegations.  What will the news be?  We shall see.  Say a prayer for John.  He has waited for this very patiently for a long, long time. 

Good luck John! I pray that it has not all been in vain.

Enough for now,



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