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Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie CSsR was due in court today.  I will check media tomorrow to see if I can find out what is happening with those charges.  Back in May Lavoie’s lawyer apparently hinted that there may be a guilty plea.  If anyone comes across anything please post a comment or send me an email (


I have added a Father Aloysius Antle page and a related court document, 04 October 1991: R. v. Aloysius Antle.

Like Father Michael J Walsh, Father Antle is also from the Diocese of Grand Falls Newfoundland. If you scroll to the short article at the foot of the page you will see that there were initially 8 charges against Antle, and, it looks to me as though there were seven complainants.  Am I reading that correctly?

Anyway, Antle denied all charges.  A jury found him guilty on two charges related to two complainants.

Does anyone know what Father Antle was doing in the Diocese of Grand Falls after his conviction –  through the 90s and the early 2000s?  His address was always that of the diocesan centre.  Was he working in the diocesan centre?  Was he serving as chaplain at a local hospital?  Was he ever assigned to a parish after his conviction?  Did he have his faculties to say Mass and hear confessions? 

What was Father Antle doing in the Diocese of grand Falls for all those years?

And why, I wonder, was convicted molester Father Michael J Walsh shipped out to  Halifax after his convction while Father Antle was kept in the diocese?  Both, after all, were convicted in 1991.  Why the different approach?   I am puzzled.  Is it that Walsh had contacts elsewhere and Antle did not?  Or, is it that Bishop FaberMacDonald found a niche for Walsh out of the diocese but couldn’t find one  for Antle?  I am trying to think of the various options here – I am at a loss.  Any thoughts?

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