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Special mention of this one

 16 September 2010:  Pope: Catholic church too slow to tackle clerical sex abuse 

I am deeply troubled by this para: 

The pope told reporters on board the plane that paedophilia was an “illness” whose sufferers had lost their free will. 

All I can say is I hope there is a reporting error here.  If not, Heaven help us.

I have other things to address – will hold until tomorrow

Enough for now


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4 Responses to Troubled

  1. Larry Green says:

    I just found out yesterday that at least one of the victims in the Borne case wasn’t allowed to go to trial because the judge felt that the victim in the period of time he was sexually exploited was old enough to make his own decisions.
    It seems to me the judge dosn’t count prep time (ie. early alter boy years)as a part of the overall plan.
    On a seperate note: Some pedophiles are incredibly sly and rich.

  2. rickthepoetwarrior says:

    Keep on it Sylvia. Perhaps Canada will wake up and see those in power for the corrupted souls they are.

  3. Lina says:

    Some random thoughts of mine.

    The Hierarchy – the Church – the Clergy – many Parishioners.

    Keep the victims trouble-makers..we do not want to hear your suppose lying clergy abuse stories..long ago fake traumas..all made up to get free money..these victims should know better..get over is all in the is different’s a new day?

    Get over it already? Maybe it didn’t happened?

    Nevertheless, it did happened, it is real and it is sadly true.

    There are no REAL confessions from these Men of God!

    So many folks/Christians are too tired, too busy, too ashamed, to want to keep on listening or be reminded of these evil actions and criminal acts against the vulnerable and innocents by these priests/clergy!

    Court Justice is so slow and so blind time after time.

    Overflowing Parishioners, in their surroundings, in their reality, it is so unreal this evil does exist and was done. MANY, do not want to believe it even with solid evidences.

    This may EQUAL no proof, therefore it is NOT real, No guilt, No crime…it did not happened in this world or I should say their world$

    The Unseen does know the truth…the Unseen does know the WHO and the Unseen knows what happened and believes these victims.

    The Unseen…numb.

    Rejoicing perpetrators and your enablers…past & present…you live, pretending to know better and it is all for the good…so far you think you are home-free…guilt free…your are also COURAGE free!

    Many of us know better and know right from wrong. Many of us want to make a difference.

    I believe there will be justice eventually…real JUSTICE!!!

    Victims and all your loved ones and supporters, keep up the courage and know you are not alone!

    Tears in sadness, tears in hope.


  4. Sylvia says:

    Sad thoughts Lina. So much truth. And, beautifully expressed.

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