One royal bureaucratic mess

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Some news on Father Eric Dejaeger omi and a few media articles. 

First, Father Dejaeger

(1) Justice Canada

 I tried to get information from the Ministry of Justice regarding the status or non-status of an extradition request on Father Eric Dejaeger.  I thought that since this is all in the public domain now the veil of secrecy might be lifted a teeny weeny notch.  No such luck.  Here is the email response I received:

As extradition requests are confidential communications, we can neither confirm, nor deny, the existence of an extradition request in this or any other matter.

We can only hope and pray that action is being taken by the Canadian government  to bring this man back to finally face his accuser’s in a court of law.

(2)  The young Inuit boy

I had heard talk of  Dejaeger taking a young boy or boys from Nunavut to Belgium and was awaiting confirmation and further details.   No word as yet – my contact Lieve is busy ++.  However I have been scanning through a series of google-translated articles online to find out what is happening.  I found this.  Here is a link to the google translation:

A very rocky  translation, but suffice to get the thread that Dejaeger had indeed taken an Inuit boy to Belgium.  Here is the rather stilted relevant translation in that regard:

Monday began a new element . An Oblate priest told Father Eric years ago, an Inuit boy brought to Belgium from Canada when he was on holiday . The Leuven court opened promptly investigate to determine whether he committed crimes in Belgium where he still tried to be . Canada can also open an investigation , for example, kidnapping, and demands that he be tried in Canada .

In an official response left the Oblate Fathers know that yesterday the company of Inuit boy at that time, not sensational . “It was the mid- eighties , “said Provincial Father Georges Vervust yesterday to the VRT . ” That boy should be around 14.15 , 16 years have been. He could come with me because he had done his best . “

1yellowknife has very kindly translated this document.  Check these two posts

So, an Oblate priest was downplaying the import of Dejaeger taking the young lad to Belgium, and, I would say, making light of the child’s age.

That aside, it looks as though news of  taking a young boy to Belgium has opened up yet another can of worms for Father Dejaeger.  It looks as though there may be an investigation under way in Belgium to determine if there was any criminal activity on Belgian soil. 

Furthermore, it looks as though this opens up the possibility of further charges against Dejaeger in Canada.

However, it also looks as though there may be a statute of limitations issue in Belgium on the charges for which he was wanted in Canada, and Belgium will not extradite persons for crimes which are beyond the statute of limitations in Belgium?  BUT, since this article was written it has come to light that Dejaeger has lost his Belgian citizenship, therefore I think the issue of a Belgian statute of limitations may be moot?

Whatever, this is turning into one royal bureaucratic  mess and nightmare.

(3)  Dejaeger’s home away from home

Just for interest’s sake, a picture of the Oblate ‘retreat’ house in Blanden Belgium which has been home base to Dejaeger has been added to the Father Eric Dejaeger page.  Nice looking tidy looking little house.  Small.  The Oblates living there must all know each other and each other’s coming and goings very well.

(4) Lisa mentioned that Father Dejaeger said Masses at Wereld-Missiehulp, Boechout

I decided to find out where Wereld-Missiehulp, Boechout is.  

Look at this.  For goodness sake look at this:,

Again, this is the google translator at work, but it’s easy enough to figure out that this organization hits the road in a school bus and pops in at one school after the other. 

Was Dejaeger ever on board to deliver the message?  I have no idea, but, it’s hard not to wonder, is it not?.

Now, click on the Home button on the top left of that page. 

This is World Mission Help or something similar.  A charity committed to eradicating poverty and social inequality.

And look at those little faces.

Dejaeger, a convicted child molester and fugitive from justice, was buzzing around this organization.

How involved was Dejaeger with Wereld-Missiehulp ?  How much contact did he have with children throughout his involvement? And where were his fellow Oblates and superior when he was off to say Mass at Wereld-Missiehulp?

I am sick at heart.

(5)  A series of articles from 13 September 2010 on Dejaeger:  Media coverage 13 September 2010 on Father Eric Dejaeger 

Most are identical one to the other. 

(6)  15 September 2010:  Fugitive priest living in Belgium 

Note that the diocese is leaning on some claim that there was a settlement:

 Rheal Teffaine, a Winnipeg-based lawyer representing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Churchill-Baie d’Hudson told CBC News on Wednesday that the diocese believes the matter with Dejaeger is closed, since all cases that have been brought to the diocese’s attention have resulted in settlements.

I have heard reference made to a settlement before but know of none.  There may well be one.  However, even if there has been a “settlement” what does a settlement have to do with criminal charges?  And what does a settlement have to do with a priest fleeing the country to elude a court appearance and further sex abuse charges?  And what does a settlement have to do with an outstanding warrant for Dejaeger’s arrest and being red flagged by Interpol?


Unless of course there was a settlement which illegally obliged complainants not to pursue criminal charges?

Time will tell.

Also note clarification in this CBC article on Dejaeger’s status.  He is a Canadian citizen.  He has lost his Belgian citizenship. Here is the statement from Belgian Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation as posted on CBC North website:

15 September 2010: Father Dejaeger’s nationality -statement by  Belgian Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation 


Now, some media with quick comment:

(1) 13 September 2010:  Belgian archbishop vows to clean slate

“You can’t investigate crimes committed when the body is controlled by the institution itself,” said spokeswoman Lieve Halsberghe.

You’re right Lieve.  So very right.

(2) 15 September 2010:  On eve of pope’s visit, victims of childhood abuse demand Vatican hand over records on priests 

Yes, records should be disclosed and, I would add, known clerical molesters should be laicized.

As for those who believe the Pope should not be given “the honour of a state visit” because of his positions on birth control, homosexuality and abortion,  does this mean that all who share the Pope’s positions are to be considered persona non grata in the UK?

(3) 09 September 2010:  Inquiry funding denied 

Good!  The Cornwall Police Service managed to play both ends to the middle at the inquiry.  They went in without funding, that allowed them to avoid the restrictive cap on legal fees imposed on all parties with funding, and then, when they had their team of high priced lawyers and researchers lined up to scrutinize and parse every word that Perry Dunlop and every real and “alleged” victim every uttered, the AG gave them funding through the back door.

(4) 15 September 2010:  Bernard Prince gets parole 

Enough for now,



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