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Father Charles Picot was in court yesterday – I don’t know what happened there, but I do know that his acquittal of March of this year on other charges has been appealed – the appeal will be heard at the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, 26 October 2010. 


14 September 2010: Priest convicted of sexual abuse to be paroled 

 With 16 months of his four-year-sentence left to serve Monsignor Bernard Prince is out on parole!  Good behaviour I suppose! 

As routine as it is, bad enough to get that news, but look at what Rick Goodwin of the Men’s Project has to say about publicizing Prince’s release: 

“If we start chasing perpetrators out of one community to get into another community or away from their job which they need to pay for their rent, we’re putting this rather delicate individual who is back in our society at risk of being in crisis,”

 Rather delicate individual?!  Bernard Prince????

Letting the public know might lead him to re-offend? ! 

Are we to understand that Mr. Goodwin believes that Msgr. Prince absolutely won’t re-offend unless he is put in crisis by the public?

Are we to believe that if Prince does re-offend it’s our fault? 

Is this some sort of new huggy-bear-kissy-face societal bad wagon for child molesters?  Is the idea that we must leave the poor molester alone – and willfully put children at risk so that a convicted child molester can quietly reintegrate into a community without a soul knowing that he is a convicted child molester? 

I am dumbfounded.  Dumbfounded.  I know that sentiment of the molester as victim is out there, and I know that it is gaining ground, but I didn’t for a moment expect to hear it from these quarters. 


I am keeping tabs on the Father Eric Dejaeger story – have been on the phone all day.  People across Europe are enraged that this clerical fugitive has been eluding justice all these years.  More to come…

 Supper time, so 

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