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A number of things to cover.  Here goes:

(1)  Father Kevin Rolston

I have added a link to  further info on Father Kevin Rolston  to the Accused page 

It looks as though Father Rolston was molesting before he was ordained.  However, I see that defence tried to create confusion with the victim regarding dates, suffice to perhaps rule out certain dates and wind up with offences which presumably all transpired after the victim had reached the age of consent.  

Did it work? I think the letter from Rolston to the victim would rule that out, but, one never knows. 

I can’t find a thing on the net on the outcome of this one.  I have put out some feelers, but, if anyone knows please post a note or send me an email (

Also, I see that Father Rolston seems to be gone.  He has either died, been laicized, or become incardinated somewhere out of the country.  Does anyone know?

(2)  Father William White

I have added a link to further info on Father William White to the Accused page

This one is a bit strange.  According to media reports White’s charges related to sex abuse as a Catholic High School in Welland Ontario in the early 60s.  There was no William White in the Catholic directories back then, but there was a V. White.  V. White was, like William White, ordained in 1954.  And V. White taught at Notre Dame College High School in Welland, Ontario in 1959 (Diocese of St. Catharine’s).  There is no William White in the 1959 directory.

I’d say that V. White and William White are one and the same. 

V. White has the letters csc behind his name.  That means that he was a member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross.  Is Father William White’s full name V. William White?  Or William V. White?

Whatever, it absolutely has to be him. 

That raises some questions:  (i) Why and when did Father White leave the Congregation of the Holy Cross to become a diocesan priest? (ii) why did Father White choose the Archdiocese of Edmonton Alberta rather than St. Catharine’s to serve as a diocesan priest?

Does anybody in St. Catharine’s know anything about Father White’s time in the diocese?

(3)  Father William Allen

I tried to get information on Father William Allen’s next court date.  I left a message at the courthouse as required.  No answer.  Can anyone tell me when his next court appearance is?

(4)  Father Phillip Jacobs

Does anyone have any information on the court proceedings related to sex abuse charges against Father Phillip Jacobs?  He was charged in August.  I have heard no more.

(5) The Archbishops

As yet, no reply from Archbishops Brendan O’Brien and Richard Smith. 

(6)  Father Peter O’Hanley

I have sent two emails to Bishop Robert Harris (Saint John, NB) inquiring as to the status of Father Peter O’Hanley.  Father O’Hanley is no longer listed in the Canadian Catholic Church Directories.  I called the diocese to find out if he had been laicized.  Msgr. Henneberry , the Vicar General for the Diocese was unable to tell me.  He suggested I contact the bishop.  Initially I only wanted to know if Father O’Hanley has been laicized, however, after I spoke to Msgr. Henneberry my list of questions grew.

I can’t understand why there is nothing on record to let a Vicar General know that a priest of the diocese has or has not been laicized.  It doesn’t make sense.  Perhaps I just don’t understand how the process works?

Anyway, I am now awaiting a reply from Bishop Harris.


And, some media of interest:

(1)  01 September 2010:  Cardinal, Who Mediated in Belgian Abuse Case, Says He Was Misled

Still circling the wagons.  It’s pathetic to see a man of the Cardinal’s stature reduce himself to this. Now he claims he was misled by Bishop Vangheluwe. 

Bottom line is he got caught.  On tape.

(2) 02 September 2010:  Lawyer wants Dutch cardinal’s evidence on sex abuse

Note, Cardinal Ad Simonis had to be summonsed because “the Church refuses to cooperate.”

Note too that Simonis allegedly said earlier this year that in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s the Dutch Church did not know about any sexual abuse of children. 

We shall see.  

(3) 25 August 2010: 900 abuse cases in Dutch clergy

900!  What can I say?

(4) 02 September 2010:  Sex abuse lawsuit targets school for deaf

The Viatorians are back in the news. 

None of the defendant Viatorian priests are named.  I can’t help but wonder if there will be any familiar names from the Cornwall Classical College?  

I had to look up the school for the deaf to find its name.  In French it’s Institution des Sourdes-Muets, in English either Institution of Deaf-Mutes, or the Deaf and Dumb School. It is listed in the old Catholic Directories.

Dick Nadeau, God rest his soul, would be so very interested in and probably angered by this sad news. He too was sexually abused by a Viatorian priest at the Classical College.

(5) 03 September 2010:  Portugese TV presenter found guilty of beig in paedophile ring

As someone who sent me a link said:  “so much for people who claim that the existence of paedophile rings is some kind of conspiracy theory.”


Enough for now,



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