Sick perverted mind

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I was overtaken by events today – tired.  I have a few more final comments to make on the Pembroke Priest thread – will do so tomorrow.

Meanwhile, please take the time to read this:

29 August 2010: Belgian Church Leader Urged Abuse Victim to Keep Silent

This is extremely disturbing.  A Cardinal trying to silence a victim of long term abuse – actually warning the victim not to drag the name of his abuser through the mud!   The abuser was a Roman Catholic bishop and the victim’s uncle.

Read it.  I am sick at heart after reading it.


It’s beyond disgusting.  There are no words.

What kind of sick perverted mind would speak like that?

A cardinal no less!

I am amazed that the victim had the foresight and presence of mind to tape the two meetings.  It’s all on tape.  Good for him.  No one can twist his words now.

So, here’s a Belgian case where sex abuse by a bishop was reported by a priest to the Cardinal years ago.  The priest was berated.  The molesting bishop was allowed to continue shepherding his unwitting flock.

This year, when the victim tried to have the abuse by his Bishop/uncle addressed,  the same cardinal actually told him point blank not to drag the bishop’s and name through the mud.

And, look at this.  The Cardinal pushing the victim to remain silent:

“The bishop will resign next year, so actually it would be better for you to wait…I don’t think you’d do yourself or him a favor by shouting this from the rooftops.”

” I don’t think you’d do yourself or him a favour by shouting this from the rooftops”?!!!

Meaning what?

No matter, the victim’s response, on tape:

“He has dragged my whole life through the mud, from 5 until 18 years old….Why do you feel sorry for him and not for me?”


I hope the man is charged.  I don’t know what he can be charged with, but I hope there is something in the Belgian Criminal Code which warrants the laying of charges in this case.

And need I even say that I think Daneels should be laicized? Need I even say that I shudder at the thought that a man like this might vote in a conclave?


Is it just me, or is there something here which stirs thoughts and understanding of the  Pembroke Priests for Justice, Truth & Integrity ?

Enough for now



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5 Responses to Sick perverted mind

  1. Lina says:

    Sylvia said:
    “And need I even say that I think Daneels should be laicized? Need I even say that I shudder at the thought that a man like this might vote in a conclave?”
    This just shows you how diabolically clever these abusers are. No wonder the faithful in the Roman Catholic Church just cannot absorbs the thought that a priest, a man of God, would do such a thing. Even with mountains of facts and proof, they still find it hard to process their thoughts that a priest in the Catholic Church would do this, let along, did do this!

    What makes me shudder, those who knew about these criminal acts in the clergy. Many helped cover them up, for the good of the Holy Roman Catholic Church’s reputation. It is beyond my understanding why a person or a persons in any position of trust, authority and power in the Catholic Church would do such evil acts against the innocent. No excuse!!!

    Yes..what about that idea a man like this might vote in a conclave. It does gives me a sick feeling, alright.

    It’s a good thing this victim got some of this stuff on tape. Not every victim of abuse are lucky to have tapes about what some of these sick perverted humans did to them and said to them.

    SOME of these sick perverted clergy and MANY of their enablers should know God sees and hears everything. That makes too much common sense to me, in my opinion.


  2. Curious says:

    Yes, it’s heart sickening to read about this but for me the saddest part is it doesn’t surprise me. This is the tactic the church has taken for generations. Make the victim feel remorse for disclosing, attempt to get the victim to keep quiet in exchange for something, and shuffle the offenders around or wait until they retire.
    I think back to the case of the young man in Cornwall who was paid by the church to stay quiet. He got $32,000 I believe it was. It’s too bad there weren’t audio tapes of those conversations.
    My faith has been bruised … but not shattered. I cling to the knowledge there are good priests still doing good work within the church. It’s my prayer those who seek joy, redemption, solace and comfort in the arms of the Lord find a good priest to guide them on their journey. Unfortunately, they’re few and far between. But they are out there.
    As for those who would seek to punish victims of sexual abuse and protect abusers, their judgment day will come and while a bishop or a cardinal may forgive them with ease, it is my long-held belief the Lord will not look kindly on the sins of their lives.

  3. Fr. Dennis Howard says:

    Thanks to Sylvia for doing the research and looking into these cases – the abuse must stop – also, it’s sad to me a personal friend of Fr. Derek Pedersen, to see that so many lay people in his own Diocese have not spoken out more about this… that’s the hardest thing I think as a priest to witness, the apathy
    I personally witnessed some of the things Fr. Derek reported and was silenced for…
    His case is a sad commentary on the abuse of power by bishops

    I pray that the Lord will bring to light the truth
    Fr. Derek is one of the most courageous priests I know
    Keep up the good work Sylvia

    God bless,
    Fr. Dennis

  4. G’Day Dennis! Did you ever read the binder he mailed out to all the Bishops? I did.

    Derek needed help, an offer which the legal documents make clear he refused. I don’t know any personal accounts of how he was dealt with after his tome was delivered to the Bishops, but be assured that Fulton had reason to act as he did. Again I point to the court documents that dismissed Derek’s allegations after reviewing the evidence.

    Hope life is great with you!

    Tim Moyle

  5. Sylvia says:

    How can I get a copy of the binder? I would like to see it with my own two eyes.

    If someone has contact with Father Pedersen would they ask him to email me at

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